#2558 2 Christmases

I love that our family is blended.

It makes it all unique, different, special.

Hubbie has his background and I have mine.

He has his family traditions as do I.

His Easter, my Easter…

His Christmas, my Christmas. 🎄🎄

But the thing is, I grew up with 2 Christmases too, my own parents being part of a special blended family.

It’s all I know, and I love it.

Seeing baby girl’s face tonight as she opened MORE Christmas presents was priceless.

It’s not a his/her situation.

It’s double the togetherness. Double the good times. Double the feasts, and drinks, and people, and love, and memories.

Double all the good stuff. 🙏❤

Hope all who celebrated Christmas today also felt like they had double of everything. 🤞😁

#2540 End of school year tradition

Start of the day, versus end of the day:

The in between? Why, the last day of grade 3 for baby girl! And what a terrific tradition we have gotten into these last couple of years, of heading to the beach on the last day of the school year. 💞

All we need now is for Melbourne weather to fall into the tradition of giving us summer weather… in summer. 🤣🌞😎🌅

#2539 So many reasons

Today was a great day.

A few nice things made me super grateful.

Firstly, baby girl’s swim lessons. She’s decided, with our approval, to stop swimming. She’s been doing lessons for 4 and a half years. She probably lost about a year due to two years of covid and lockdowns, but so did everyone else.

She knows how to swim. Stay afloat. Protect herself. All the water safety. At this stage, she’s not planning on becoming a professional, or joining the Olympic team.

She’s done enough.

She wants a break, and I totally agree. Today was her last lesson of the year, maybe forever, and all I could think of was that small kinder girl who first started all those years ago, a bit tentative, unsure, only wanting girl teachers not boys, who swam up the shallowest end of the pool.

Now she swims up the deep end.

So, I had some feels. I’m pregnant, so they hit me often. 🥰

I also had my family’s saint day, Sveti Nikola which they/we celebrate. I’ve spoken about this saint day before, a tradition that has been passed down from my grandad – my Mum’s dad – and probably many generations before that.

It was short and sweet, being a weeknight. But the sentiment was there, and I didn’t realise it until I was speaking it out loud, saying it’s nice to see each other, get together, even if for a bit. Yes, people are still working, still going to school (one more day for baby girl!) and it’s a busy time of year.

But to stop, get together, catch up, spend some time having one-on-ones with family, it was precious. Showing baby girl what family is, tradition is… it was priceless.

And then, just now. WordPress does this thing lately where it gives you a prompt to write a post. I do daily gratitude, so I don’t need a prompt… 🤣 BUT, today’s one got me, and I wrote a little bit and took a pic before deleting and writing all of this instead.

The prompt is the first line. My reply follows:

And so, I am just happy, for so many reasons. Growing up, family, looking forward to amazing things. I am claiming this as my time. I have done my due. I’ve gone through shit. I know with life being what it is, I will go through it again.

But I will claim this now, because I deserve it. 🙏💖

#2419 Sunday heart attacks with the Pies

It’s beginning to turn into a real Sunday tradition.

Sunday afternoon footy, and Collingwood starts playing against some team about 3pm.

The score is tight. Or they are losing. Either way, the game is so close you’re on the edge of your seat, OR you’re thinking, ‘this ain’t going to end well for the Pies.’

But then.


There is a sudden turn-around in the last 5 or so minutes, and the Pies and now in front!


This is what unfolded yet again this evening. I had no high hopes after watching the second half of the game, but still kept coming back to check the score as we started dinner prep. Collingwood were 3 goals behind and I sent Hubbie to the lounge room to check the score.

“You’re gonna wanna see this, it’s now 11 points.”

I checked, and sure enough, they were closing the gap.

A few minutes later, I was still in the kitchen, and I said “check again, you go for me.”

“They’re 5 points behind.”

“F&%k off.”


I joined him at his side. Sure enough, 3 minutes to go, and they were now within reach of a comeback! He was going to feed Mister F and I said “you are not going anywhere, they are winning every time you walk into this room, so you’re staying right next to me now!”

So he stayed, and baby girl even joined my side. When they scored a goal and got in front by 1 point, I just clapped, letting Hubbie and baby girl do the happy screaming for me, because last time I got over-excited for a Pies game I had a headache all night from my frenzied cheers. 🤦‍♀️😆

And minutes later, the siren rang with the points on their side. 💪💪

I swear, they are giving us weekly heart attacks this team. 😰

If they make the finals, I need to brace myself. I don’t want to break my waters too early, it’s not time yet! 🤣🤣⚫🤍⚫🤍⚫🤍⚫🤍

#2403 Black and white like her mumma

Here are some phrases that baby girl uttered while watching the Pies take on the Demons in Friday night footy earlier this evening.

“Tackle him!”

“Don’t let them BREATHE on the ball!”

“Get the ball, get it, get it Collingwood!”

This was all hilarious for me to hear, because I had been saying those exact things earlier too. 🤦‍♀️🤣

She is a mini me, down to the footy team that we barrack for. For some reason though, she is actually a lover too, saying that she likes ALL footy teams, except for one… I will keep that to myself so as not to offend anyone out there. 😁🤣

But she is black and white, like her mumma. Evident in her shouts tonight, her screams. I can’t even tell her to quieten down. I was screaming just like that weeks ago, and went into such a frenzied state barracking for them to win, which they did, that I developed a headache that night from all the yelling. 🤦‍♀️

I think it’s sweet, and so, so cute, because it’s become a little like family tradition. I watched my Mum get heated over the footy over the years, yelling and swearing at the TV, or radio, and now I too am getting heated, and baby girl is taking it all in… whoops. 😬

Passion. It’s all passion. And watching the last quarter with her, whispering our hoorays because Hubbie was already in bed for work tomorrow, shaking our fists in the air and grinning at each other, was such a special moment, I was so glad to share it with her. 💖

My little Pie, my mini me. 🥰🥰⚫🤍⚫🤍

#2299 To do as she did

I’ve learnt that so much of my parenting, so much of my mothering, is based off how my mum mothered me when I was a child.

It’s the weirdest thing. To be doing something, knowing you are doing something because of a childhood memory, and wanting to do the same.

You can’t do anything else. Especially when your own childhood is filled with such happy memories… why wouldn’t you want to follow suit?

One of the ways Mum shows her love for us is through food, and it’s something that really stands out to me in my childhood memories. Getting individually made food when I didn’t like what she and Dad were eating… getting scrambled eggs whipped up on a consistent basis as an evening snack… having my favourite meals ready and waiting for me after school.

It happens often with baby girl. She will request something, and often I will go, “ohhh, I can’t be bothered.”

But then I see my Mum’s face. I remember my childhood.

And I get to work.

Most times Hubbie shakes his head and says to baby girl “do you know how lucky you are?”

It happens even with other people around. Like baby girl’s friends.

She had a friend over for a playdate today. I had bought white bread for them yesterday, planning to make them cheese toasties (I knew they wouldn’t like our seeded variety) and so as it approached lunchtime today, I poked my head into baby girl’s room where they were and said “do you girls want me to make you some toasties?”

They looked at each other shyly, and I left them to think about it a bit.

Baby girl found me minutes later. “Mum, can you make us pasta?”

So, pasta it was. It was just simple pasta, with butter mixed through and fresh parmesan on top… and it made me happy. Knowing baby girl was happy, her friend was happy. Never mind that the requests followed quickly with “ice cream” then “zooper doopers.” 🤦‍♀️

But it wasn’t just the food. How my Mum raised me, her ways, her morals, her routines, they follow me around as I do my thing with baby girl, and often I don’t notice it ’til moments like these, when it’s the end of the day and I’m reflecting and looking back on it.

I give them heaps of space. I am not an eavesdropping, try-to-be-best-friend-to-your-friends and clingy Mum. I let them do their thing. I suss them out from afar, and then slowly circle in when they are more comfortable (oh my God, that’s just like my Mum!) I see my Mum giving me and my friends space back in the day, and I follow suit.

But, I think I am pretty cool. 😆 Like my Mum driving us around in the car to the movies, or the shopping centre, hooning the car a bit (safely and controlled though!) and making me and my friends shriek with laughter, so too do I think I bring a bit of fun WHEN ASKED. I was even asked to play hide and seek with them at the end of the playdate, while they searched for a great place to hide in a house I know so well!

(If you are asked to play with your kid and their friend, I think you are doing well 😉)

It’s subliminal and quite subconscious, these routines and ways that we have become so accustomed to that they soon become ours. But when they are treasured and surround happy memories, I am more than happy to keep the tradition going.

Thanks Mum. 🙏💖

#2293 22 points on Easter ’22

  1. Baking hot cross buns in the morning to enjoy for breakfast… our self-made family tradition.

2. Baby girl still believing in the Easter Bunny. 🐰

3. Hubbie and I successfully convincing her to hide out in her room in case the Easter Bunny arrives.

4. Baby girl having a ball looking for eggs around the yard. 💖

5. Getting all the food ready in the morning to take to my parents (a feat in itself)

6. Having my parents well and healthy on this special day. 🙏

7. Enjoying an Easter feast together.

8. REALLY REALLY REALLY enjoying the Riccadonna. 🥂

9. Enjoying sitting outdoors on this breezy Autumn day.

10. Finding a plant in my parents yard from my childhood.

11. “Op, Op, Op, Op, Opa Gangham Style!” 💃

12. D&Ms.

13. Exchanging Easter treats.

14. Eating Easter treats! Chocolate mousse, droooool.

15. But first, COFFEE. ☕

16. Enjoying the cool change ’til light fades.

17. Bruce Springsteen songs that are fully self-indulgent.

18. Sharing the music love around the table. 🎶

19. Smacking mozzies silly with hands and sponges. 😂

20. Planning to leave by 5, but leaving after 7pm. 🤦‍♀️😂

21. Patting Mister F when we got home. 😻

22. But the BEST thing to end the day, was the beautiful kissing game I played with baby girl at bedtime. She had her lips on my cheek, but not doing the smacking kissing sound, just pressing her lips there, so I was kissing her all over her face, before she would grab my face and hold her lips to my cheek again, and around and around we went, cacking ourselves silly.


Happy Easter to all who celebrate today. 🐰💖🥰💝

#2139 Christmas Eve prep

It was another busy busy busy day, but again, we had fun, and I think we did well.

It was the first time for our family that we opened our presents on Christmas Eve night and not Christmas morning, and that’s because tomorrow will be a tad busier with us hosting and all… baby girl for one loved the idea of getting to open them up earlier!

For me it wasn’t a huge stretch, as I grew up with this time-honoured tradition, as I used to open up presents with my family on Christmas Eve too, waiting until midnight hit to rip the papers open.

There was lots of love, lots of squealing, and what makes it better is knowing it will continue and only get better tomorrow in the company of more loved ones.

Merry Christmas Eve to all. 🎄🎅💖🎁

#2137 Surprise pancakes

Baby girl wanted tiny teddies today, but at my mum and dad’s place there were none.

Mum kept saying “I’ll go and buy them” and I was like “no no no, she isn’t even hungry (she just wants the sugar!)”

After stepping out to have a chat to my sister next door (😉) I walked back into my parents place to baby girl’s excited face.

“Baka’s making pancakes!”

And there was mum in the kitchen, stirring up some batter…

Of course she was making pancakes! 🤦‍♀️🤣

We therefore indulged in some delicious goodness this afternoon, and I mean, nothing hits the spot quite as much as a childhood treat and staple such as this.

It’s all in the palacinka. 💖💖 Thanks Mum. 😘😘😘

#2134 The full moon slava

What’s crazier than getting a whole bunch of family together 6 days before Christmas?

Why, doing it right around the full moon hits. 🌕😬🤣

I mean, there is no choice in the matter… this happens on the 19th of December each year. It’s just the full moon that changes, it shifts…

Sveti Nikola, my mum’s family’s slava, the saint day passed down from man to man, is celebrated on this day for Eastern Christian countries using the old church calendar (celebrated the 5th/6th December for those in Western Christian countries).

There was alcohol, but those full moon vibes had enough crazy for everyone… 😜 Regardless, I feel blessed to have been able to be with family, some who I haven’t seen for almost the whole year, to reconnect, catch up, make promises for the future, and hope against hope that it isn’t another year ’til we see each other again.

I am quietly hopeful. 🤞

Happy Saint Nicholas Day to all celebrating today. 💖💖