#977 A royally indulgent afternoon

If I hadn’t been under the weather today, I wouldn’t have spent so much time in front of the TV.

I mean, it is the only time that I do. Even when I’m sick and I’m lying on the couch, I have to repeatedly remind myself that I can’t be productive in the face of illness, so that guilt doesn’t take a permanently comfortable spot too close to me.

I had to content with those feelings today as I watched the royal couple, Harry and Meghan, arrive in Melbourne and begin their journey around our fair and highly liveable city.

Oh, it was glorious viewing. Had I been healthy, I actually would not have seen much at all. And if I had, I would have felt terrible about it. But alas… the timing of my body going into shut-down mode was perfect.

I actually, really truly LOVE this Royal couple. They are the BOMB.

And yes… I am actually glad for my aches and pains today. Funny that.


Photo by Church of the King on Unsplash

#949 My newspaper break

Today on the last day of term 3, I forced myself to take a time out.

And no, it had nothing to do with the knowledge that the next 2 weeks would be spent entertaining and keeping a busy and curious 5 year-old busy. I am actually looking forward to all the activities we can do together, as Spring keeps shining her light our way… oh, and did I mention the sleep ins?

The sleep ins. Ahhh.

I made myself sit down in the sun today, because I needed to give my body a break. Waking up only days earlier to the sudden onset of chills, muscle aches and headache, scared me into awakening. My body was telling me to calm down and relax, and if I didn’t listen, more of it would shut down.

So, I listened.

There are ALWAYS jobs ‘to do’ and things to tick off of the never-ending list. But I took the paper that I had bought today – and mind you I haven’t bought the paper for myself in years – and went outside to flick through the pages in blinding sunlight.


It was still. Two pigeons sat on our roof, peacefully and sleepily looking down on me. Crows cawed in the massive gum tree a couple houses down. I could hear some house being built across the street… sounds of cars driving past…

And meanwhile, the sound of paper turning as I flipped through, was the immediate and most calming sound of all.

#947 Aches be gone

Oh, it is the sweetest thing. You take your health for granted, and then life decides to suddenly heap some shit upon your head –

BOOM! and you wake up sore, with muscle aches, a pounding head, and an inability to focus… man do you wish for those days you wasted away while being healthy.

Something happened to me yesterday. Maybe it was Hubbie’s cold rubbing off on me far too late in the game. Maybe it was seasonal, what with Melbourne weather saying “now I’m hot… no I’m not! WINTER darlings!” Or maybe it was the kids birthday party I took baby girl to on the weekend… we all know kids means germs and God knows what.

But I had some kind of bug that luckily only lasted 24 hours… because today I woke better, rested, still with this kind of dull ache reminder in my head of what was, reminding me to take it easy, but still, FABULOUS compared to what was yesterday.

And I was sooo grateful for it. The health. The absence of soreness and achiness.

Here’s to the simplest and best things in life… being healthy 🙂


Photo by Jony Ariadi on Unsplash

#946 Peninsula sunset no. 3

When I post a sunset photo as my gratitude for the day, it is usually because one of a few things:

A) The sunset, is actually spectacular

2) I am at a loss to talk about anything exciting that happened that day, or

Z) I am soooo sick that posting a pic of the horizon is easy-peasy.

Today’s reason?

It’s a triple whammy. All of the above.

So I think I’ll leave this right here.


#928 BBQ Serendipity

Sometimes you spend your life asking why things won’t go the way you want them to.

Other times you think “well ain’t I lucky.”

It felt like the strangest and luckiest coincidence when weeks ago I took a letter from baby girl’s kinder home. It read that there was to be a Father’s Day bbq in a couple of weeks time. I was surprised given that the time and date was 9:15am on a Thursday, and figured the early notice might be so that Dad’s might try to make other work arrangements to make it in for their littlies…

Hubbie works like, ALL the days. But as I started to calculate the dates, knowing we were on holidays about that time, I made a happy realisation.

He was FREE.

If it was a week earlier, he would have missed it, as we were in ol’ Hobart-town. A week later, and back at work.

He has 4 measly weeks off A YEAR. How the Father’s Day bbq fell perfectly on the day that he was free, was well… beyond me.

Serendipity. Chance. Luck. I do not know how or why some things work out so well, while other’s have to be chased down hard with a net. But because this fell so perfectly into our lap, when baby girl and I woke still sick this morning, the painkillers quickly followed since we were not going to let Serendipity DOWN. 😉



#927 A 2-way kinda love

She was there tonight to rub my back when I said I was sore. She followed me around devotedly, telling me she loved me and hoping I would get better soon.

As sore as I was, my heart soared.

And the feeling was reciprocated, sooner than I liked. She was suddenly shivering right before bedtime, so I sat beside her reading her most recent fave book, as we lay together in back.

One hand turned the pages. The other arm was around her… rubbing her back.

I tucked her in… told her I loved her… and hoped she would get better soon.

This love that binds us, unites us, and keeps us warm, is all I need. She knows when I need help, and instinctively I too know, when she needs me… like a little girl needs her Mama.

And although we are sick, and although we are sore… we have each other. We have our love.

Therefore, we have everything. ♥

#926 Café-ing with Hubbie, ALONE no. 2

We didn’t get to do it yesterday, since baby girl stayed home ‘kinda sick’ from kinder.

But today she was back, so we did.

Get to do it.

Café, that is 😉

We had lots of little jobs to get to, a lot of starting and stopping the car all over town, but first, as we always say…



We have been keeping ourselves mindful of not rushing about the place, of actually being in the present moment, enjoying what is in front of us, and just taking a slower pace.

Enjoying the moment does not mean you are not productive. Hell no. It just means that when you do take a break, you take it mindfully, meaning you are fully restored and ready to tackle any other jobs throughout the day, because you have had a fully present break.

The coffee was smooth, the beetroot cupcake was divine, and the break itself was…

Ahhh. Just what the doctor ordered.

(And seeing as I am still coughing like a dog, café doctors seem like a pretty good cure…)