#1095 The right day to be sick

If there is ever a good time to get a cold… (usually, there isn’t)

My cold happened to come at the right time.

If pulled out its full force today, mid-week. Sure it meant I had to pull a sickie. But what it also meant was that

a) I didn’t have to take baby girl to school (no Wednesdays this month)

b) It’s Hubbie’s day off, so he took to a lot of the house duties (i.e. looking after me, making me tea, dinner…)

c) It was actually good having both my loves at home. It can be terribly depressing and boring when you are sick and just napping on the couch all day. But having people to make you laugh (and poke their face in yours to see how you’re going, i.e. baby girl!) can be the little light in your otherwise bleak day.

And in my case, my bleak, cold and windy day.

Ugh. Sick in Summer? This is unheard of. You know I had the heater on today?


No wonder I’m sick. Melbourne Weather go in a corner and have a think about what you’ve done, go on…

We need the sunshine back.

#1094 Rainy (rained on) Day Rules

You know how they say the heavens wait for school drop-off and pick-up for them to open?

They ain’t wrong.

See, baby girl was alright. I got her into class as the light drizzle began, thinking that’s all it would eventuate to… a steady drizzle.

How about a steady onslaught.

Because that’s what it felt like. The rain got heavier and heavier, falling with greater intensity as I made my way back to the car, first speed walking, then running.

It felt like someone had turned the dial up on the rain-o-meter, such was the change in nanoseconds, from raining, to shitting cats and dogs.

I got into the car with a sigh, huff and puff… soaked.

How do you move on and regain composure from such an event?

Home-made coffee…and Freddie Mercury.

Now it was ME turning up the dial. I particularly liked Queen’s version of ‘I want to break free’ at Wembley Stadium.

1:53. “Oh how I want to be free baby, oh how I want to break free… oh how I want to break free.”

Guitar. Oh so good. The crazy Wintery wind that has thrown itself on our Sumner season masked the thumping walls and my warbled tone.

Soon, as the wind continued its rampaging around the house and the rain started its downpour AGAIN, I felt the urge for some necessary rainy day activities.


I haven’t filed away photos since 2013. No jokes. Today I was putting away, in order, photos of my pregnancy and the first 3 months of baby girl, such is the volume of photos I have.

Hundreds. Thousands. I am not kidding. I had them packed away in a box upstairs, and fuelled by the weather unleashing around me and telling me it was definitely one of those ‘home days,’ I tended to a long-standing task, and felt absolutely terrific afterwards.

Did I finish? I told you there were thousands. The answer, HELL NO. But I have started, and a start is as good a place as any to begin something that you have held off on for 6 years.

Despite doing these things that made me happy, it seems the rain that had poured onto me after school drop-off, along with all these recent never-ending early mornings, my ‘almost’ sickness of the weekend and baby girl’s primary school sniffles, well it ALL caught up to me… I officially have the cold.


What could I do then, in the evening to make things that much more bearable and easier to deal with?


I shouldn’t just have a bath when I’m sick. That, I know. But it was something that occurred to me, that I needed time out, a place to be warm, a site of refuge, and the bath was the first thing that came to mind, though it isn’t something I am able to do often… a fact I wish to change.

And you know what? By the end of my watery paradise, I had even forgotten I was sick.

(Until 15 minutes after I was dry, and my nose/head/body reminded me again).

I guess my point is, you don’t need to write off your day with one bad incident that may occur at the beginning of it. There is always room to turn it around, make it better, with conscious effort and a positive mind.

Being free with music. Organising myself inside and out. And calming my body and soul with water. They are all things that made me happy today, despite anything else that may have tried to hinder it.

Let’s face it… I was hindered… but I turned those setbacks into great memories by purposefully seeking out ways to make me happy.

Creating a bevy of uplifting memories for my day.

And that is the point. 🙂






#1032 Lemonade icypoles

It was a simple thing taking me back to my childhood days that made me grateful today.

Two things brought me there:

1. A stupid hot day, and

b) all that barfing I did yesterday.

Sucking ice is the recommended activity when one has been bringing up their deepest stomachy contents. I just made it fun with a lemonade flavour.

I sat on the couch with baby girl, telling her how I used to buy these at my primary school canteen… maybe 50 cents or so? I loved their fresh flavour, how all the juices sprung forth as the ice slowly melted, and they were simply the best hot day treat.

We sat like this on the couch, slurping away, with juices running into our fingers and down our hands.


Photo by Nick Torontali on Unsplash

#1031 What she said no. 10

It’s been one of those crazy, busy, anything-can-happen-at-any moment days.

So when I vomited for the 5th time today (food-related, random bug or both, you take your pick) and baby girl said to me softly –

“Mama it’s OK, you’ll get better, don’t worry anything you need I’m here” –

with those big round gentle imploring eyes of hers, I thought –

‘Damn. I’m actually grateful for those words.’

Then I went and barfed again.


#1004 Couch time with the family no. 2

Uh oh. It’s becoming a thing now. Having the word ‘couch’ in a post heading with a number following it, makes me feel a bit lazy and guilty that I should be so happy about sitting on the couch.

But I need to put things in perspective.

Yesterday I was ill while on the couch. Because of that I spent the whole day doing ‘nothing.’ I was tired, hot, felt deflated, and actually couldn’t wait for the day to be over with. I wanted to fast forward to night-time and go to sleep already. That from a glass half-full gal.

The only way to move past it was to say goodbye to it.

But today? Today I was more than happy to sit on the couch… healthy… with my family… after I had been away at work.

With a glass of red.

Some ice cream.

Baby girl’s head resting on my lap.

As we watched The Bachelorette 😉

And it was the nicest moment ever. Things generally are amazing though, when you are feeling better again…

#977 A royally indulgent afternoon

If I hadn’t been under the weather today, I wouldn’t have spent so much time in front of the TV.

I mean, it is the only time that I do. Even when I’m sick and I’m lying on the couch, I have to repeatedly remind myself that I can’t be productive in the face of illness, so that guilt doesn’t take a permanently comfortable spot too close to me.

I had to content with those feelings today as I watched the royal couple, Harry and Meghan, arrive in Melbourne and begin their journey around our fair and highly liveable city.

Oh, it was glorious viewing. Had I been healthy, I actually would not have seen much at all. And if I had, I would have felt terrible about it. But alas… the timing of my body going into shut-down mode was perfect.

I actually, really truly LOVE this Royal couple. They are the BOMB.

And yes… I am actually glad for my aches and pains today. Funny that.


Photo by Church of the King on Unsplash

#949 My newspaper break

Today on the last day of term 3, I forced myself to take a time out.

And no, it had nothing to do with the knowledge that the next 2 weeks would be spent entertaining and keeping a busy and curious 5 year-old busy. I am actually looking forward to all the activities we can do together, as Spring keeps shining her light our way… oh, and did I mention the sleep ins?

The sleep ins. Ahhh.

I made myself sit down in the sun today, because I needed to give my body a break. Waking up only days earlier to the sudden onset of chills, muscle aches and headache, scared me into awakening. My body was telling me to calm down and relax, and if I didn’t listen, more of it would shut down.

So, I listened.

There are ALWAYS jobs ‘to do’ and things to tick off of the never-ending list. But I took the paper that I had bought today – and mind you I haven’t bought the paper for myself in years – and went outside to flick through the pages in blinding sunlight.


It was still. Two pigeons sat on our roof, peacefully and sleepily looking down on me. Crows cawed in the massive gum tree a couple houses down. I could hear some house being built across the street… sounds of cars driving past…

And meanwhile, the sound of paper turning as I flipped through, was the immediate and most calming sound of all.