#1895 Shopping with my girl no.9

Oh wow. I haven’t done one of these ^ posts for over 2 years.

We knew we were staying in tonight, and for someone who works from home (me) staying home all day on my day off is not ideal.

I have to get out sometime.

So baby girl and I hit up our shopping centre and had a decent spree!

It was all the more fun because we had zero expectations in buying anything, and in doing so I had a really good run of finding new tops ๐Ÿ˜‚

There’s nothing quite like coming home with unexpected good finds, and then enjoying your family night together feeling content and satisfied about it all.

#1861 Top therapy

I’m fine when the weather is in extremes.

Too hot – have clothes.

Too cold – have clothes.

But that in-between weather that is so characteristic of Autumn and Spring…?

I’m quite, meh.

Then throw in COVID. It was over a year ago now when I got my new job, and I went out and bought like, two new tops…

Only to then go and work from home for 52 weeks of the year.

Oh, wait…

So, it’s Autumn again. And I’ve barely bought anything all year. Some socks, undies, a fancy dress for a special occasion.

That’s pretty much it!

I really needed some in-between tops.

Some t-shirts. Something new. I didn’t actually just want it…

I actually, needed it. From the depths of my soul, it was SOOOOOO necessary.

So today, retail therapy was had.

And you know what? There were specials, I had a voucher too, so much so that my three tops came to the price of…


Yep. I cannot believe it either. I’m so happy I have some new stuff in my wardrobe, but I’m even happier that it came at a measly price!


#1679 Day 181 of getting there: the warmer days are foretelling

What happened today?

I came downstairs on this Saturday morning, much like I’ve come downstairs every Saturday morning for the past 5 months…

In my long-sleeved pj pants, my long-sleeved pj top, nightgown ON TOP of that, and sleep socks and moccasins on my feet.

I got some stuff out for brekkie. Then I went to feed Mister F, and let him out, as usual…

But as I opened the door, something hit me.



What? When did it change so suddenly to late Spring?

But so it was today.

And I had 3 outfit changes…

I wore a black t-shirt with jeans when I went grocery shopping…

I wore a black singlet with ankle length capri-type pants when I took baby girl to the park later…

And then this evening, I put on a dress!


I haven’t worn any of these items since pre-covid. And to wear short sleeves, a dress even, well it blew my mind.

It really made me feel like the good ol’ days. Of going out. When I didn’t live in trakkies. When the days were warm, busy and full of social gatherings.

And so today, it started to feel all the more closer.

Here’s a pic of baby girl reaching for the sky today.

And for once, it feels achievable. ๐Ÿ’–

#1336 Dress up, to not get down

Fake it ’til you make it.

That was my motto, my mantra today.

On a day where I both wanted to shy away from social interactions, yet didn’t want to be alone, I found myself in an annoying predicament…

Do I go, or do I stay?

I knew getting out was inevitable, and also that it would help my mood drastically. I knew that from the innermost depths of my soul.

It was still a tricky emotional state to manoeuvre.

So how did I overcome it?

I faked it.

I dressed up. I thought at the very least, if I looked good, I would start to feel good. There’s nothing like putting on a new outfit, and seeing yourself in the mirror as a completely well-adjusted, satisfied and sparkling person, to make you question any previous flailing thoughts about you, your life or current situation.

Because new clothes are real good at hiding your thoughts.

And, it worked. I had a great time, faking it, until I believed it.

And just in case I needed another pick me up?

Well, there is always coffee. ๐Ÿคฉโ˜•


#1335 To market, to market

Until I moved here, I didn’t realise how much I enjoyed one very particular thing.

MARKETS. On the Mornington Peninsula, they are abundant in their offerings.

They happen all the time. Every weekend you will find a market happening somewhere. There are seasonal markets, monthly market, and even weekly markets.

The Mornington Wednesday Market occurs on the Main Street every hump day, rain hail or shine.

The Mt Eliza Farmers Market is held on the 4th Sunday of each month.

And then you’ll find something like the Emu Plains Market in Balnarring, open once-monthly on Saturdays through the warmer months, and then hibernates their stalls, food trucks and jumping castle, over Winter.

So many markets.ย 

There are specialty markets that appear at the same time each year, and there are also new markets being created ALL THE TIME.

I personally, love it.

And yet I nearly missed today’s one. Thank God for social media. Facebook gave me a reminder last night, and so after picking up baby girl from school, we freshened up at home before heading down the road to the –

Soul Market. Yep.

This one is held once, maybe twice yearly. It’s a smaller venue, but so close to us, that if I knew I wouldn’t have to drag a tired baby girl home once all was looked at and oohed and ahhed, we could have a really good walk up and back from there.

We walked the rooms, shared some twisted potatoes, and enjoyed the fact, that hell, it was Friday.

For a small market, it was really high in quality with what I was presented with. I saw a lot of beautiful and special things, and, I couldn’t help myself…

I bought things. ๐Ÿคญ

Can you blame me? I happened across a row of Vintage dresses with the price tag of $25 tagged on the top of the clothes rack, and then I spied a really cute and fun dress, and a familiar tag…

Alannah Hill.

For $25???

I didn’t even try it on. I put it on later at home. ๐Ÿ˜‰


And that other item there? Natural deodorant. I have seen these things around lately in many forms and brands, and so when I saw the lovely lady there with pamphlets in hand and ready to offer demonstrations (and apply all the different kinds to my skin, now that is personal service!) I was more than ready to buy.

It was a nice and slow afternoon wind-down, a wind-down from this week, this month, and this cold weather…

And to think, I could possibly do it all again, as soon as this Sunday.

Because it’s the Mornington Racecourse Market. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿคฃ

#1276 Birthday shopping

Shopping yesterday… and shopping today.

What am I meant to do anyway? Like I am buying a billion things for baby girl’s parties as I run around here, there and everywhere, so it cannot be expected that I will forget about moi…

Not when it is my birthday too!!!

Let’s just say between the last two days, I have a birthday outfit, somewhere.ย 

Don’t be jellyย yet. Motherhood has made my aesthetic thread needs fall majorly to the wayside this year. Thatย and all my recent ills and sores, and I am waaayyyy deserving of some retail therapy.

I am starting to really enjoy birthday month ๐Ÿ˜Š

Too right. ๐Ÿ˜‰


#1275 I love Main street, and let me count the ways… no. 4

We spent 4 hours at Chadstone yesterday and I didn’t find anything remotely interesting to wear for my birthday.

I spent 35 minutes at a store in my town today and I walked out with 3 items.


Seriously Chaddy, we are not feeling the love from you lately, AT ALL. Instead my love is going entirely to the local store which I am loving more and more every time I enter it.

The prices are reasonable…

The clothes are on-point…

I don’t have to drive 45 minutes…!

And almost every time I walk in there, there is something new to look at!

That and the fact it is literally down the road.

AND…. I would rather support a local shop than a massive multi-million dollar conglomerate.

There. Or as baby girl would say, “na na na na boo boo.”


#1184 Can’t pass up Prince

I am passing a Cotton On Kids this morning as baby girl plays unknowingly somewhere in her school, 20 minutes away.

I see something. It grabs my eye. I stop. I gasp.

“F&^k off.”

“Get out of town.”

It all comes out verbally. I head inside. I look through clothes racks, close to the front-of-store mannequins, sure I am in the right spot but not finding that which I am looking for… finally I turn to the sales person and ask, “where is that top out the front?”

She shows me. I smile. I BUY IT.

After school I show it to baby girl… and she too LOVES IT.

So much so she immediately has to put it on.



YES! She loves it she loves it.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ Equally as funky as her Purple Rain Prince top is the army green trakkies I got her which were 50% off the second item, and suddenly, she is just rocking it.

I want pants like hers.

I promise I wasn’t buying for me… I promise I wasn’t living vicariously through her…

The girl genuinely loves Prince and his synthesizer.




#1076 The (ice cream) shop before school starts

I wasn’t only preoccupied with thoughts of navy navy navy.

Navy polo shirts.

Navy hair ties.

Navy socks.

Freaking navy skorts.

I had something else on my mind as we bought a whole lot of stuff for baby girl’s imminent primary school start next week.

I was thinking, ‘this is it.’

The shopping outings during the week, hand in hand.

Baby girl encouraging me to ‘buy that dress’ (I love this girl โ™ฅ )

Deciding whether it is rice, or a happy meal that day?

Coffee breaks.

Talking about just “one more really small toy” that she would like to get.

And, cold and soothing ice cream breaks.


I told her I had a surprise for her as I took her to Twisted Sista. She screamed out loud, no hesitation as she saw the extravagantly twisted ice creams with lavish and brightly coloured toppings through the glass display.

I love how she was sooo excited. Her happiness completely unrestrained.

Baby girl, take your time growing up. There is plenty of time for everything.

I am happy for her to act so childlike, because she is after all, a child. My child, growing up, and heading off into school in 5 days time.

I savoured the moment as we sat at the table, slurping our ice creams, and saying “it’s good.”

It was good in every way. โ™ฅ