#1094 Rainy (rained on) Day Rules

You know how they say the heavens wait for school drop-off and pick-up for them to open?

They ain’t wrong.

See, baby girl was alright. I got her into class as the light drizzle began, thinking that’s all it would eventuate to… a steady drizzle.

How about a steady onslaught.

Because that’s what it felt like. The rain got heavier and heavier, falling with greater intensity as I made my way back to the car, first speed walking, then running.

It felt like someone had turned the dial up on the rain-o-meter, such was the change in nanoseconds, from raining, to shitting cats and dogs.

I got into the car with a sigh, huff and puff… soaked.

How do you move on and regain composure from such an event?

Home-made coffee…and Freddie Mercury.

Now it was ME turning up the dial. I particularly liked Queen’s version of ‘I want to break free’ at Wembley Stadium.

1:53. “Oh how I want to be free baby, oh how I want to break free… oh how I want to break free.”

Guitar. Oh so good. The crazy Wintery wind that has thrown itself on our Sumner season masked the thumping walls and my warbled tone.

Soon, as the wind continued its rampaging around the house and the rain started its downpour AGAIN, I felt the urge for some necessary rainy day activities.


I haven’t filed away photos since 2013. No jokes. Today I was putting away, in order, photos of my pregnancy and the first 3 months of baby girl, such is the volume of photos I have.

Hundreds. Thousands. I am not kidding. I had them packed away in a box upstairs, and fuelled by the weather unleashing around me and telling me it was definitely one of those ‘home days,’ I tended to a long-standing task, and felt absolutely terrific afterwards.

Did I finish? I told you there were thousands. The answer, HELL NO. But I have started, and a start is as good a place as any to begin something that you have held off on for 6 years.

Despite doing these things that made me happy, it seems the rain that had poured onto me after school drop-off, along with all these recent never-ending early mornings, my ‘almost’ sickness of the weekend and baby girl’s primary school sniffles, well it ALL caught up to me… I officially have the cold.


What could I do then, in the evening to make things that much more bearable and easier to deal with?


I shouldn’t just have a bath when I’m sick. That, I know. But it was something that occurred to me, that I needed time out, a place to be warm, a site of refuge, and the bath was the first thing that came to mind, though it isn’t something I am able to do often… a fact I wish to change.

And you know what? By the end of my watery paradise, I had even forgotten I was sick.

(Until 15 minutes after I was dry, and my nose/head/body reminded me again).

I guess my point is, you don’t need to write off your day with one bad incident that may occur at the beginning of it. There is always room to turn it around, make it better, with conscious effort and a positive mind.

Being free with music. Organising myself inside and out. And calming my body and soul with water. They are all things that made me happy today, despite anything else that may have tried to hinder it.

Let’s face it… I was hindered… but I turned those setbacks into great memories by purposefully seeking out ways to make me happy.

Creating a bevy of uplifting memories for my day.

And that is the point. 🙂






#1022 Santa’s back in her books

Spontaneously yesterday, while driving home from The Wiggles show:

“Mama! I’m going to take a photo with Santa tomorrow!”

What now? I had to double check with baby girl. But she assured me what I had heard was true. She was happy, didn’t appear to be deliriously tired (though spent she was) and didn’t follow her remark with ‘only joking!’

She appeared to actually mean it.

I was chuffed.

It’s been 3 years since she had a visit with Santa. The first one, well she kind of had no choice. She was only 4 months old, and I popped her into his hands as she stared at the camera awkwardly with this odd expression on her face.

Maybe she pooped from fear or, I don’t know… thought Mum where the hell are you leaving me???

For her second Christmas she was a year and 4 months. I lined up with her for about 30 minutes, and as it soon became our turn and I walked up to him, she clutched at me and had a panic-fest.

We managed a photo where I sat beside him with her in my arms. The snap shot showed a serious face on her, whereas the other 17 probably had a squirmy, horrified, ‘get-me-out-of-here’ expression.

My dreams of having a Santa photo with her for every Christmas were slowly dashed. For the next 3 years, she totally refused him.

She didn’t refuse Christmas though! No siree! She accepted the carols, trees, decorations and ALL the presents whole-heartedly, even those from Santa!

Just no close-ups of the bearded man, please.

Today, she kept repeating herself. “I’m going to take a photo with Santa!”

So we had to test it out of course.

We took her to a nearby shopping centre. She held back a little, and went from wanting to have a solo photo with him, to making us join in on the photographic festive fun…


I am bloody rapt. And timely it is, that last night she received an early Christmas present from some friends, who gave her as one of her pressies, the book ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.’

Read this:

“He was chubby and plump,

a right jolly old elf,

And I laughed when I saw him,

in spite of myself!

A wink of his eye

and a twist of his head,

Soon let me know

I had nothing to dread.”


Baby girl sure felt that today, I am sure of it. ♥


#982 Friendship and roses

Tending to friendships, and tending to roses, is much the same.

Your approach to the task, and the love you give to both, give you comparable results.

When you water your roses, provide them with ample sunlight and food for nourishment… they BLOOM.


Likewise with friendships. If you tend to them, pay attention and visit often, spending your time with them even at the inconvenience of other things… it will pay dividends.

You will have made yourself, a friend.

Today I visited a friend. A work colleague who is currently on maternity leave with her adorable 3 month-old son.

Oh what a gorgeous chubby-cheeked stage he is at.

It had required some effort and planning to make it work as she lives an hour away from me, but alas with both of us throwing up possible dates and times, we finally decided on today. I could stop by on my own after dropping off baby girl at kinder, and we’d have a couple of hours together before I had to go back to pick her up.

I didn’t give that much thought. Until her partner spoke up.

He had asked me where I had come from, and when I said my suburb, he piped up –

“All the way from there?” He turned to my work colleague. “That’s a great friend! Oh, I’m just passing Victoria…” we all had a chuckle and then the subject passed.

But those words stayed in my mind.

“You’re a great friend.”

Without wanting to blow my own horn… I had to agree with him.

You know there are days when you doubt yourself and your abilities, and taking a compliment is something akin to dragging your knees crawling across asphalt.

But in the kindest and most humblest of ways… I am.

I AM a great friend. When I see someone open up to me, trust me with their heart, their secrets and give me loyalty in every sense of the friendship term… I give it back.

When I see someone try with me, make effort in my life, and want to be present in it… I embrace them wholeheartedly and put them firmly in my circle.

When I find a kindred spirit, a like mind, someone who is honest and free and just wants to make the best and most positive time out of life… I hold on tight to them.

As long as they are as willing as I am, I will be there for them, always.

I give as much as I take. I will go to depths and reaches for a friend, to support them and to stay by their side through thick and thin.

And if they don’t appreciate me, or they take my friendship for granted… well that is not my loss, only theirs.

Today, it was the nicest compliment I have received lately. And after much pondering, I took it.

I looked at my roses this afternoon, observing them after I had come home with baby girl from kinder pick-up. I had spent as much time on the road driving up and then back to my side of town, as I had with my friend meeting her little bub.

But like my roses, I had to give her time. I had to give her attention. I had to give her goodwill and love, and then, like my roses, our friendship grew more.

But the key thing about friendship as well: you shouldn’t HAVE TO. You should want to.

And I really wanted to.

And when you give your roses all the food, water and sunlight that they need, when you tend to them and prune them and even spend time staring at them and smelling their sweet scents…

It makes them all the more prepared for the storms. For the rain. For the wind, and for the hellish weather that can sometimes unleash on their pretty petals.

And you will know that you have prepared them well, when they are still standing after it all.


Take a page out of my book. We beat ourselves up too often. What is a lovely thing you can say about yourself? What are you best at, and what makes you an amazing person? ♥♥♥


#710 Secret good news


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

My gratitude today comes from the happiness of another.

Because you see, someone pulled me over this afternoon, and said with a broad wave of their hands “I’m pregnant!”

And I stared at her in shock and awe, and ultimate critique, trying to work out if what she was saying was actually true.

“Are you serious?” I squinted at her.


“You’re not joking?” I asked solemnly.


“You’re pregnant?” I was now incredulous.


I gasped in disbelief and happiness, giving her a big hug and proceeding to say “oh my God,” and “you’ve blown me away” about 100 times through hurried, intense and excited conversation, for the next 10 minutes.

I was in absolute shock and wonder, the epitome of a babbling idiot as I wrangled with my thoughts amongst it all.


Because this wasn’t only pregnancy news…

Not only was this friend, pregnant…

But she was a friend, who I didn’t think was trying to get pregnant.

Also, she was a friend, who was in a serious relationship, yet I hadn’t thought pregnancy was in the immediate future for them.

She was a friend, who was also, a work colleague.

And this work colleague, was in a relationship with a man that not many people knew about…

This work colleague and her partner had kept their relationship under wraps, especially at work…

Because her partner, worked with her. With us!


I couldn’t take it! I was dying. Can you understand why I was dying?! I had already known about the relationship early on, as she has confided in me many things, just as I have to her over the years, and she was one of the first at work who I told that I was pregnant, all those years ago… and now, she was telling ME.

That she was pregnant. Oh my God.

I was over the moon for her. She deserved it.

No, really. She deserved it.

She really, truly deserved this amazing blessing, because in recent years she had had a few very hard spells.

I had felt for her on so many an occasion, but didn’t know how to help. All I could do, was listen, and try to lend some advice.

And as all good friends do, bitch and whinge and moan with her.

My faith in Karma and life, is further cemented by this news. I don’t know why bad things happen. I don’t know why there are bullies, and aggressors; subsequently I don’t know why there are people who are harassed and victimised. And I certainly don’t understand how when someone turns to you for help, you can turn to the side of evil, and ignore their plea, instead going with the majority, with the laugher, with the mockers and the sheep and the boring old FLOCK.

But this news today… it is a LONG time coming.

My work colleague has been through so much. And this news is just proof to me, that eventually, your deeds catch up to you, whether they be good, or bad.

Her good deeds have paid her dividends. She got herself the guy, and now she got herself a baby 🙂

And for the ‘others?’ There is no greater revenge than success and achievement.

Did she go out to seek retribution, no. But the beautiful thing is, the Universe evened it ALL out for her.


#702 Planned and Impromptu family day

Today was a BIG day. But it was all about LOVE.

Half of it was planned you see, when my beautiful cousin popped over with the recent princess of the family – her daughter – and we bonded all together with baby girl (despite some Diva-esque moments from my little one, still tired from that Wave Pool yesterday!) talking life, family, kids, parenting, and everything else in between.


And then later on, an unplanned, impromptu visit, by my sister and her family. We threw things together – I made my spicy rice which I have been planning on showing them the recipe for for AGES… the barbeque was turned on, radio up just as high, and there was plenty of laughter and lightness, with a gentle dose of D&M too.


Like I said, it was a BIG day. I had moments of tiredness, but the great company I was in, the love in the house, and the laughter abounding, inspired me and kept me going.

And one of the best things I heard today? Advice from my 15 year-old nephew. After telling him about my writing and blogs and stuff (I am still letting people know, s-l-o-w-l-y) and expressing some of my deep-seeded fears related to it, he sat next to me and said

“you can’t let your fear of what other people will think or say of your writing, stop you from putting yourself out there.”

And to get such instant emotional support from my family network, filled my heart with such courage, love, and joy.

Don’t you just LOVE family?! I do. 🙂 ♥♥♥

#643 Princess acquainting

We finally got a chance tonight to go and get a little more acquainted with the new princess of the family.


Chubby legs. Little toes. Itsy bitsy fingers. Long and spiky hair…

And so much PINK.

She knew she was in the company of family, for sure. She was content as she was held, fed and ooh’d and ahh’d over, drank milk and did plenty of wees and poos, and then of course there was baby girl, MY baby girl, smiling and looking at this new baby girl, an actual bona fide, legit, almost-6-week-old proper baby girl, and my baby girl said “baby will play with me and chase me.”

Aww sweetheart. Soon darling, really soon.

It was a night of love and family, freaking out over how similar the two baby girl’s were in both their younger days, reminiscing about those precious yet trying early Parenthood days and nights, and then, getting into the car…

Guess what song was on from my ipod? Out of 1000s of songs?


Like, if all the similarities between the two cousins weren’t already so prevalent, this song that I hold dear to my heart for baby girl, comes ON.

“A little ray of sunshine,

Has come into the world.

A little ray of sunshine,

In the shape of a girl.”

Call it coincidence? Luck? Fortune? Fate?

Something else???

You know what? I have come to realise that these happy coincidences, or signs, whatever you wanna call them, well it’s better to leave them as a mystery than to KNOW TOO MUCH.

Don’t over-analyse. Just accept and smile at the world. 🙂


#603 Meeting a princess…

Ten little fingers, ten little toes,

Two little ears and one little nose…

And so goes the nursery rhyme.


And Pink. Pretty as a Princess Pink.

We met one today. A beautiful little girl that had all of the above, slept so sweetly as countless visitors came to meet her, and even smiled a little as baby girl and I posed for a photo beside her.

I was so beside myself in happiness that I nearly bawled like the baby in the room.

Happy tears, happy tears.

Because how beautiful is life, when anther precious being enters it and fills the world with joy?

What a happy time it is.

… Pretty as a picture, a Doll to hold tight,

An Angel from heaven, to make everything right.

                                                                                                                – SmikG.