#1431 An easy shop

An easy shop. It doesn’t mean items come to you easily, or simply pop out at you, begging to you as you’re walking along saying “pick me! Pick me!”

Rather, it’s the casual intention of the shop. To wander. To browse. To take your time. To go wherever your feet lead you.

We didn’t know where we would end up today, but after seeing the intense haze and smelling the burning smoke this morning from home, we knew the destination WASN’T going to be outside.

Indoors it was. And what better place to escape heat and smoke haze than at a shopping centre?!

It was good. It wasn’t stressful because we weren’t madly trying to find things to no avail like what usually happens when we wait until the last minute to find something for an event… we were just walking around, looking here and looking there, and because we weren’t intently on the search for anything, we actually found things we were after!


Shopping moral of the story? Don’t look for anything… meander, and it will come to you. ♥

#1403 When they don’t know I’m watching

I stood on the balcony this evening enjoying the cool breeze that was making this heatwave of a day that much more bearable.

I could hear them in the backyard though – Hubbie and baby girl. I went to the side of the balcony to look over at them, and started to watch.

Have you ever done that? Watched your family or a loved one when they didn’t know you were there? I spied Hubbie watering the garden with baby girl…

Or trying to.

I saw the clever way in which he let her ‘overflow’ the bucket of water on dry patches of grass and near where plants needed watering…

I watched as she filled the bucket, then watered plants, happily looking at him for acknowledgement and a pat on the back…

I watched all this for maybe two whole minutes. Hubbie was the first one that saw me up high around the corner, and he laughed.

No doubt he was thinking how I’d been watching him manage our 6 year-old daughter, with a hose on a hot day…

Almost impossible to do 😉

#1354 Summer salads – quinoa, mango and tomato medley

It ain’t Summer yet, but the weather is definitely warming up, making it the perfect time to start making fresh, healthy and inciting meals that take stock of some Summer staples.

The ‘salad’ I made today could well be a meal on its own – and why not? On those hot days when you just can’t be bothered turning on the heat, well this recipe uses minimal, and combines a lot of great flavours, all fresh and warm and contrasting, so that it really equals a surprisingly filling yet healthy meal.

Oh and there’s coriander. There are some people that hate it… but we are not those people.

Hubbie LOVES coriander. And I gotta say I enjoy the fresh and mild flavour it gives off too.


Looking forward to a hot summer, with some stunning salads, like the above 😉


#1227 Tuesday ‘me’ day

You know what I am remembering Winter is good for? Other than sleep-ins, hibernation and lots of hot drinks and soups?

Catching up on things.

This can include long put-off tasks, all the way down to minor speedbumps that have been nagging you for a while.

Catching up, also includes necessary time to replenish yourself.

Therefore it was a bit of everything today and none whatsoever was expected AT ALL.

I got a coffee after I filled the car with petrol in the morning after school drop-off, because…

a) $1 coffee

6) convenience

%T) 5 degrees anyone? Brrr.


I wrote, I almost completed my second online writing course (!), I found out good things, and I planned for more of my novel…

I purged too. I burnt something that was no longer of use to me, and I found it most therapeutic…


And finally on a last-minute whim, I realised I had ample time up my sleeve tonight (WHAT?!?!) and had a long and hot bath with magnesium crystal salts to rejuvenate and awaken not just my body, but my soul too.


Like I said, not really planned, none of it expected. But I think these cold and crisp days allow us to turn inwards a lot more readily that we normally do, and we ask ourselves perhaps the most important question of all…

What can I do for myself today.?

Moreover, “what can you do for yourself?”


#1155 The risktaker

What is it like to live with a risktaker?

What is it like, when that person is your husband?

They can be spontaneous. Things happen suddenly, plans change, and you have to learn to just go with the flow, and roll with the waves.

They get passionate. Passionate about big things, but little things too. Life. Music. That green shirt. Grass. It is all or nothing. The passion brings about great satisfaction and joy, but in lack of it, the days can sometimes drag on.

With passion comes the sure-fire heat. And not the type that comes from a stove. I am talking the heat of conversation, the explosiveness of words, the fuel that comes tunnelling forth with great news… and the disappointment that has to unleash with the bad.

Things are always ‘happening.’

Baby girl said to me a while back “you have to be a risktaker.” I was surprised to hear those words from her, until I realised where they had come from.

It was from school, the day before their ‘try popcorn and pineapple’ day.

But when Hubbie is a risktaker, he does things like this:


Over 20 years post his days of climbing monkey bars. Never mind this followed some ‘casual’ drinks. Never mind he was wearing sandals that he could have toppled over in.

Never mind that our daughter was watching him with awe and amusement.

The statement “Don’t try this at home” suddenly had a whole new meaning.

“Don’t try this at school!”

But there is good. More good, than even all of the above mentioned.

Because with risktaking, there is hardly any emphasis of failure. Sure, a healthy dose of fear is there, it is natural… but it isn’t the main focus.

It is just ‘let me try this’ and if it doesn’t work out, then –

“Oh well. Now I know.”

In risk taking, you aren’t left wondering what could have been. Risk taking requires self-confidence, and being your own support group, so you can rev yourself up to go out there, reach high, and try to jump to the sky…

Much like Hubbie did today.

On the outside, as I scolded him and told him to get down, with a smiling baby girl looking up at him beside me, I may have seemed disapproving.

But in all honesty, I want her to be a risk-taker too.

And, so do I.

#1124 Chai latte

Sometimes I don’t need a coffee.

Sometimes I need a different kind of latte…

Chai, speaking.


This place off the Main street in Mornington does a really good one. For a proper fix, I go to one of two places on that strip. Today, as my tasks and adventures took me to a particular side, I knew it was time to ‘check in.’

It was an indefinite intermission from the tasks of the day. The morning sun shone brightly through the windows, burning me through my jeans. I read the local magazine from cover to cover, not due to avoidance of the day ahead, but… the chai was so damn hot! I could barely hold the mug, and so I read, and sipped, and relaxed in this deliberately imposed state that the barista had put upon me…

And for that, thank you 🙂

#1113 A tumultuous sky

Today, the weather didn’t know what it was doing.

To be hot, or cloudy? Muggy, or shall it rain?

The sky reflected this indecision at the end of the day.


It was only this evening that finally, a decision had been made. Gone was the heavy pressure that had imparted itself on my head and body most of the day, replaced with a strong breeze and darkening sky as it moved across the Bay.

But you could still see glimmer’s of the bright sultry Summer (?) sky underneath.

The heat ain’t over yet peeps… 😉

#1111 The lollypop man

I am convinced beyond doubt: baby girl’s primary school has the best lollypop man.

Maybe it is a thing. Maybe ALL the lollypop men and women go to the same lollypop school, and go off to their respective crossings full of character and humour.

If your child’s school also has an exceptional lollypop person… please, let me know. Give them a shout out for goodness sakes.

But from the day I started crossing the road with baby girl to get to her primary school, I knew he was something special.

He is something extra. Because he carries with him something, something amazing, something more common than the brightly coloured-neon vest of his work attire, his seasonal hat, and something more regular than the red stop sign he carries every day.

It is his contagious smile and ability to notice every single person that passes him.

Every single person. Every day he greets parents and children with a smile. A genuinely warm greeting. He makes a joke and wishes every one of them a wonderful day.

He talks about the weather. Makes a jovial tune out of his whistle so you could almost dance to it as you cross the road.

He gives the stop sign to a 2 year-old going to pick up their older sibling with their Mum.

He completely stops to goo at babies and makes a whole conversation with their Mums.

But today he went, above and beyond.

Today his stop sign, though still present on the scene, was replaced with a very important object. So vital and monumental it was, that surely his lollypop man status has just skyrocketed to legendary status, worthy of some school crossing hall of fame.

As I arrived after 3pm for school pick-up, on what was yet another 35 degree day, I saw from afar something different in his arsenal.

The stop sign lay against a shrub to the side of the road, and instead there was a…

spray bottle.

He was spraying parents with cool water as they walked by!

Of course in this socially conscious day and age with movements like #metoo, he asked me jovially if I wished to be sprayed as I approached, to which I nodded vehemently while asking if he would be spraying kids on the way back. I knew baby girl would just LOVE it.

“Keep walking keep walking!” he instructed with his usual smile as he sprayed water in my face.

And guess what? Baby girl did love it. And on such a hot day, would you believe those wet drops of air actually did make a difference?

Even supposedly little things, make a difference 🙂 ♥


Photo by Anwaar Ali on Unsplash