#1084 Bra-less

Ohhh, it’s not what you think.

Rather it was coming home from work… getting changed into lighter clothing (do you know how cold it is at 5:30 in the morning?) and then later going… “hmmm…. I need to go even lighter.”

Put on that dress that is reserved only for home it is that baggy and old… but wait, one more thing.

Rip off the bra.


It wasn’t just the removal of clothing uninhibiting my skin. It was the words that came out of me. The thoughts, feelings and emotions, fears and stresses, worries and anxieties that sprung forth once the straps were off. Once the back was unclipped. Once the material was peeled off of the skin.

So too did the negativity come undone.

And I felt freer than I ever felt. Just by removing my bra 😉

#1067 The night-time driving game

Hubbie doesn’t like it when I work late.

I can’t blame him. It takes me away from him, baby girl, and their bedtime routines… and when I have to pull away from them in the driveway, waving to their sweet faces and knowing I won’t see them again ’til the next day… it’s hard.

A couple of little things make it ok though.

Very few things I might add. Like the obvious one – starting work late, means I get up late, right?

Right. Plus one point.

The other point is dependent on the season, as it occurs only in Summer, and is a little game I play on hot nights…

And no, I ain’t acting like no Fast and The Furious character as I head on home.

But I am using the freeways.

But you should really make sure there are no cars around.

You are scratching your head, aren’t you?

You’ll never guess, which is why I am here to tell you.

I love throwing my hand out of the window.

It might sound super simple and not very unique at all, but trust me, it’s all in the way you do it.

Take tonight for example. It was warm, not just after a hot day, but what has been an uncharacteristic spate of hot days. 

I saw the signs. I was ready.

At 100 kms/h. Not 80, it just won’t do. There isn’t enough force and pull action.

I put my hand out the window, which was all the way down.

I held it at a steady angle as the wind pushed against it. I resisted the force of the wind ever so slightly – sometimes instead of keeping it there, I slowly push my hand forward against the wind tunnel blowing into it –

And then suddenly, I let my hand go slack.

As I relaxed it, it flew back with the force of the wind…

And then I did it all over again.

I know, you think I am crazy. It’s something I would suggest you don’t do when there are other cars around! And you can just as easily do it as a passenger. At my usual pre-midnight hour when I am driving home from a late shift, there are almost no other cars around.

Just me and my car, and a hand wildly flapping out the window.

I find something truly calming about surrendering yourself to Mother Nature, holding your hand up to fight it, but then abruptly, letting go.

Letting go of thoughts.

Letting go of stresses.

Letting go of control.

Letting go of the unseen forces in life.

Completely surrendering to the process around us.

And flowing with the wind, as it were… at 100 kilometres an hour.

Hot night and all, you’ll draw your hand back into the car chilled to a crisp.

But you will feel refreshed. You will feel alive.

You will have gained more than just a point 😉


Photo by Ryan Graybill on Unsplash


#1055 A cheap way to beat the heat

Step 1: Go to Kmart.

Step 2: Spend $10.

Step 3: Wait for a blistering hot (or just hot, no need to torture ourselves here) day.

Step 4: Find a nice spot, set up that cheap stuff, and RELAX…



That is of course until your child picks up water between her hands and runs over to you to rub it all into your face.

And then you rub water in between your hands and run over to her to get her back, but alas to no avail because she is already happily drenched.

A fun, and very cheap way to beat the heat this afternoon 🙂

#1054 Iced coffee and babycino break

You know what is hilarious about the photos I take when out with baby girl? There I’ll be, trying to strategically aim my phone to make the scene before me ultra Insta-worthy, and she will start piling EVERYTHING on the table into shot, water glasses, napkins and ALL.


I have to laugh, and then snap! to make her happy.

What was great about our coffee date today, was not just the little time out we had in the late afternoon together, but that it wasn’t exactly a ‘coffee date’…

it was an ‘iced coffee’ date.


There. Photo done to the most of my baby-girl-is-present abilities.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 😉

And though it is hot, and it will continue to be… still I prefer it that way.

For the “iced iced coffee…”


(Ok tacky, shoot me now…)

#1032 Lemonade icypoles

It was a simple thing taking me back to my childhood days that made me grateful today.

Two things brought me there:

1. A stupid hot day, and

b) all that barfing I did yesterday.

Sucking ice is the recommended activity when one has been bringing up their deepest stomachy contents. I just made it fun with a lemonade flavour.

I sat on the couch with baby girl, telling her how I used to buy these at my primary school canteen… maybe 50 cents or so? I loved their fresh flavour, how all the juices sprung forth as the ice slowly melted, and they were simply the best hot day treat.

We sat like this on the couch, slurping away, with juices running into our fingers and down our hands.


Photo by Nick Torontali on Unsplash

#1023 Laps of calm

It was one of those days.

Everything was bugging me. I was stressed. Anxious. Biting back easily. Overly emotional.

Just feeling like a pile of shit.

I threatened cancelling baby girl’s swimming lesson several times during the day when she didn’t listen to me… but to be honest, it would have done me as much of a disservice as to her, if I had gone through with it.

That’s because, of the guaranteed peace that comes with her swimming lesson.

It’s all go-go-go up until Monday afternoon. Pick up from kinder… go through her bag… clean up… much-required coffee… more clean up… get her ready for swimming… get in the car…


And then.

Just like the kids jumping into the water, there is a –


of release.

And. Silence.


I breathe. Sit back against the wall. There is commotion and voices all around me but it becomes white noise as I focus on being still.

Breathe in….. Breathe out.

My hands are collapsed on my lap. Eyes are glassy, reflecting the water in front of me. My pupils dance as the children leap and dive, splash about and swim with arms thrashing all about them.

I breathe in…. and I breathe out.

I stare blankly at the sights before me. The humidity of the room creeps into me, covering every inch of my body, seeping into every garment I am wearing, forcing the tension and stresses of the day to flee away.

I start to smile. When baby girl waves and looks at me in recognition, I nod. Hold a thumbs up. I usually look at my phone at times like this – 1 minute head down, 2 minutes head up. And on it goes, ’til the 30 minutes are up.

Breathe in… breathe out.

But this time I hold the phone, for minutes upon end. I don’t look down. I don’t need to be entertained. I don’t need to think about other things, read about other things, or even laugh about other things.

I need to centre my scattered thoughts.


And suddenly, like a swimming board clapping down against the water, the children are exiting the pool, and just like that my reverie is broken.

My 30 minutes of calm are up.

A dripping, overly-excited, goggle-eyed girl, stands before me, threatening to spill water all over me if I move the wrong way.

Wide-eyed. Wild expressions dance on her face, and I read the future antics in her head in a heartbeat.

My girl is back.

And my work, once again, begins.


#976 The hot water bottle

Some days, it is the simple things.

Who am I kidding? MOST days it is the simple things.

Like a hot water bottle.

Sure, it may not be as effective (or numbing) as painkillers, but in terms of comfortable and supportive assistance, that slight warmth to take the edge off of any doubling-over pain, well it is pretty cool.

Or should I say, warm.

And… there is someone else who is also finding recent fascination with the water bottle…


Yup. 😉