#1028 Nothing’s changed

It’s been a good 4 months since we’ve last seen our ‘best man and fam.’ We always say we need to do it more often, but alas, LIFE happens people.

The kids grow… interests change… news happens around us, and to all of us…

And yet, our times together do not change.

We still laugh.

We still sing.

We still play.

We still love, respect and admire one another.

We still love doughnuts…


And baby girl still goes to sit next to her buddy when it is ice cream time 🙂


We definitely won’t leave it for 4 months next time. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

#1021 Start of a BIG month speaks volumes

Colours. Confetti. Joy. Love. Happiness.


It was another Wiggles BIG show. It was also just another Wiggles show, and I have lost count of the many we have been to over the years, whether BIG or small.

It was a BIG day. And it was filled with BIG love. Because not only did we head into the city to watch the 4-coloured group perform all their best catchy songs, but we did it with family.

There’s nothing quite like making memories, laughing, singing and dancing about with those you love most.

But beyond that… sometimes you may not see someone in a while, and there is still love there.

And beyond the Australian kids entertainment group, our day kept going. We had some family friends come over this evening who we haven’t seen in a long while. Baby girl, though tired and spent and overexcited from her Wiggly day, took almost an hour, maybe more, to come out of hiding and say hello to them.

But once she did, THAT WAS IT.

Kisses. Hugs. Dancing. Love. Much like earlier in the day. But only this time it was with people that we don’t see so often.

And something very simple came up. In amongst talking about this, it was noted – “kids can tell.”

Kids don’t lie.

Whether it is with people they see on a regular basis, or people they haven’t seen in 2 years… they don’t lie. They can’t. They can ONLY tell the truth. You can read it in their behaviour towards them, and how they respond.

How they look at them.

It’s one of those Universal things that just, IS. 

And so, on the first day of December, on the first day of Summer, on the first day of what begins the madness of the Christmas and end-of-year catch-up season…

Big things are all around us at this time of year… but hopefully we can respond to it all with happiness and laughter, as long as we are with the right people.

Whether we saw them yesterday or last year.

Blood, or water. As long as there is ♥



#1015 Christmas shopping for you, Christmas shopping for ME

I introduced Hubbie to Fountain Gate Westfield Shopping Centre today.

I only myself realised where its location was a couple of weeks ago. I hadn’t really expected all that much then, so to say I was in awe and impressed by the shops and premises, and more than happy to drive the 45 minutes out to see it again, well that tells you something.

As is common this time of year, I was looking at pressies for others. And I got some.

But then with the Black Friday weekend sale still on, and that all-round feeling of generous festivity in the air…

I couldn’t resist.

I actually got myself some regulars, things I get like clockwork at this time of year:


The kikki.K family planner/calendar which lives on our fridge, which even Hubbie is greatly accustomed to now, and the Christmas advent candle.

Don’t be misled by the simple stature… this candle is HOT STUFF. Finding it in the month of December, ha, GOOD LUCK, because even today I happened across the last one.

Phew. Something about ‘30% off everything’ must have made people go a little shopping crazy.

But it was the other surprise purchases I made which really made me smile.

Let’s talk candles now.

I got a whole box of them from some friends for a birthday, back when I was in my 20s, and it took me yonks to get through them.

I still have one or two from that set. You know how you go through phases where you use candles, and then at other stages, you just DON’T?

Well I was finishing up that phase when I got about a decades worth of candles in one hit.

In recent years though, we have been using them again, which allowed me to slowly go through that jumbo collection… and I have even been buying more.

You know… candles that crackle? Natural organic soy candles? Candles with witty phrases to make you LOL LOL LOL all the way home? Candles are abundant nowadays, a generally great gift for any kind of occasion, and an awesome help when the power goes out for 10 hours… hence why I still have so many in my house. However, I tend to use them a lot more now.

And with that note, I present to you the two candles I got today.



Can you see why I couldn’t resist? I love the sentiment of my kikki.K candle (sponsor me anytime, guys) about never giving up on your daydream. I am an eternal dreamer, and this one shall sit wonderfully beside my laptop as I create stories.

The next one… well I just had to. I am not a Kanye fan, but when I saw this candle years ago now, I couldn’t forget it, no matter how hard I tried. I vowed that if I ever came across it again, I would buy it IMMEDIATELY.

I am so happy right now with my melted waxes, I just can’t EVEN.

Oh, one more thing. I lied. The only other candle I will accept is…


Yep. A lot of mini fires will be burning over the next few months… :):):)


#1011 Feeling good about primary school

I’ve been missing the end of kindergarten, even though we still have weeks left of it.

Kindergarten is just different. Smaller classes. A few teachers. 20ish kids, and since you have been seeing them several times a week for the last year, you know them sooo well, as you do their parents.

The kids can explore. Out in the yard they go, giving grass a haircut, making bird feeders, and watering the flowers. Weekly cooking is a must, and in Winter it is soups and scones, whereas in the warmer months we see things like mini berry muffins and juices.

Although it is a small place, it is set amongst big trees… a big yard. It makes the premises, and everything within it, look that much smaller.

Everything is smaller at kindergarten. And I’ve realised, I like it like that.

Because, with small kids there are small problems. But with big kids… yep, you get it.

It has been a very bittersweet time for me. Because although I am excited about baby girl starting primary school next year, I have been missing what she won’t have, before it has even ended.

Today, during her second transition day at her big primary school… I realised something.

Not THAT much will change next year.

Sure, new school. New kids. Not just a class of 20, but maybe 4 of those. Many teachers. Many yard areas. Longer days and weeks.

But as I looked around the prep area today, I noticed…

The parents. They all looked really nice and respectable. I could be friends with any of them.

The familiar faces. I already knew half a dozen of them, as there were 6 kids coming from baby girl’s kinder. And it wasn’t just the familiarity of the kids, but the parents too, who I got even more acquainted with today.

The yard. Sure the equipment was bigger. But it was still kid-friendly, and there was bark underneath it.

The vibe around us was that of innocence. Naivety. There were still big trees, but this time they were set amongst buildings.

There was still happiness.

This brought me to my conclusion.

They are getting bigger, sure. But not that much will change.

Because they are still our babies.

They aren’t growing up one year all at once.

It is second by second.

Minute by minute.

Hour by hour.

And day by day.

They will still be holding on, and will need so much love and support from us, their parents, during their first year in primary school.

And I think all the parents there, me included, will be so glad to give it to them 🙂

I am feeling more sweet and less bitter, second by second… minute by minute… hour by hour…

and day by day.


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


#1006 Generational girl parallels

Life is funny in the parallels it sometimes throws at you, isn’t it?

Today there were two girls, sitting happily side by side… and later walking with love and happiness, holding hands.

One was baby girl, and the other was her cousin, who we shall call Miss O… but is more a ‘baby girl’ than baby girl is at 4 years her senior.

And that’s the thing. The age difference. The girls club. Their Mamas, my cousin and I, were there with our girls as well, and it was like watching our childhood all over again. Sure we didn’t get the luxury of growing up from that young of an age, due to initial seas upon oceans between us, but we soon got the chance to grow up together.

Myself, at 4 years her senior.

We find it so odd and humorous now, with a healthy dose of ‘touching,’ that we should be watching our first-borns, girls, also 4 years apart, start to develop this beautiful bond that we already share.

Cousins, by blood… but friends, forever.



#978 Red Wine Friday

You know what is better than red wine?

Red wine on a Friday? No, BETTER than that (and it ain’t red wine on a Saturday either…)

Red wine… on a Friday… when you have abstained from it for SO LONG.

AHHH. That first sip just hits you right there. And then you wonder –

“My love… Where have you been all this time?”

(And why the hell didn’t I bring you to the party sooner?!?!)


Drinking a glass at the end of a long day, a long week, to “cheers!” the beginning of night and the happiness that the weekend brings… well it is more than necessary. It is obligatory.

I think I may need to bring my ‘friend’ to the party, tomorrow night too… 😉

#hubbielovestomatosauce #noseriouslyhedrinksit

#972 Resting after the parties

I took the day off work to take baby girl to two kids parties today.

I had been informed well in advance of one, and then when I found out about the other, well I thought “that’s well timed.”

But can I just say… I work less and am more rested when I am at work, working, then when I am home for the day, with baby girl, driving around to first a 5 year-old’s, then a 6 year-old’s birthday party.


I was ruined by the end of it all. It had been a full, fun day, but boy oh boy was I wrecked. As baby girl went to take her Dad out to the trampoline in the evening (because she somehow had not spent enough of her energy during the day) I took a deliberate 5 minute time-out on the couch.


Can you see my toes, shining from the glow of the late afternoon sun? Can you see that water far off in the distance? It was a splendid day, and yet having been running around through the whole of it, I could actually not care less about it.

Yes it was beautiful out there. But lying by myself in peace for a few minutes, was more beautiful.

Then I heard baby girl and her Dad yelling and mucking about and talking from the yard… and I guess I am a sucker for punishment. I followed them out. 🙂