#1099 The detail in the picture

A picture can tell a thousand words…

You know what I love about this picture?


It’s not the princess costume baby girl gained from her cousins yesterday (that she wants to live, breathe and do everything in)

It’s not how she’s acting like a hairdresser and brushing my besties hair

It’s not even that ball, far away in the background, that shows she doesn’t quite listen when we say no kicking inside!

It’s that hand

That soft, sweet hand, resting on my bestie’s shoulder.

That, action.

♥ it.

#1098 Simple but best burgers

The highlight of tonight came as we were all crowded around some home-made burgers.


And it wasn’t the burgers alone that made the night great, but what those burgers represented.

Great company with family friends we haven’t caught up with in a long while.

Great conversation – the type where there are two lines of dialogue running at the same time.

And last but not least… 4 gorgeous kiddos munching at a mini table beside us, happily devouring their burgers…  baby girl one of them. 😍

The burgers were simple, good. Wholesome, healthy, tasty.

Some of the best things in life are simple, right?

And if simple equates to the best…

Well then the kids playing, our d&ms and these gourmet burgers made this night tops 👍

#1087 The kitchen bench

I really like my kitchen bench.

Or should I say the ‘island.’ I may not have posted ‘before-and-afters’ of the whole reno yet, but be assured it is in use, and fully appreciated.

I see the love, in how it is so easy to be at peace there. I often find myself pulling up a stool to have a tea at the island, even when there is no one home and I could sit anywhere I like… but I still gravitate there.

I see it in the people who come to our house. It’s a nice feeling when people are comfortable enough to follow us into the kitchen, and make themselves at home while we mix up drinks or finish dinner.

But most of all, I love this melting pot, meeting place for the people, because it brings my family close to me, each and every day.

Baby girl often pulls up a chair, when I am doing any sort of task in the kitchen – be it washing up, cooking, or putting stuff away. Today I watched her start the familiar action, and work on a numbers workbook I had given her to help her practice her counting and writing.


It was simply beautiful. I saw in that moment, that this was the beginning. How many years would she sit in that spot, drawing… or doing her homework… texting on her phone? Chatting about life, school, and all the things in between?

It is only the beginning, but as I know already, sometimes the years start to move fast. I appreciated this moment of my princess in her fancy dress (because that’s what you change into when you take off your uniform after school!) and I smiled.

I love my kitchen island, because it brings my loves close to me ♥♥♥

#1078 Best way to end the night

What do you do with your kids at the end of the night?

At the end of a long day?

At the end of a long night?

At the end of a long day and night where you have had friends come over with their kids?

At the end of a long day and night where you have had friends come over with their kids and have left at 11pm?

Why, I personally… make coffee.

And a babycino 😉 ♥


You see, I don’t have much else to showcase the wonderful day and night that it was. Catching up with old friends who we don’t see nowhere near often enough, yet somehow the conversation never ends, is plenty reason to be grateful.

And then our kids, who have seen each other only once their whole lives… well they all gelled together, really, really well.

And you know what I always say…

Happy kids… HAPPY PARENTS.


I didn’t grab a photo of the 4 of them playing, but I did snap the babycino shot, because it is so representative of the fun had today.

And it’s still school holidays, so why the hell not???

#1073 If the bowling shoe fits

How good is bowling???

You would think I didn’t think much of it, due to the sheer fact that I haven’t bowled for at least 7 years, and baby girl has never been.

It’s only due to time and age constraints, not lack of wanting to go.

Today, we went, and it was AWESOME.

Do you know how many people were at the bowling alley, at 10am already? Like, do people usually function that early on a weekday when work isn’t involved?!

We had a great time playing with one of baby girl’s friends and her Mum, and have vowed to definitely come back again, sooner rather than later.

Another first for baby girl. We can ‘strike’ that off the list (Daggy pun alert!) :):):)

#1066 Swim times two plus a cocktail

It might seem like a metaphorical math equation, or an odd sounding sequel (OR, prequel) to the Three Men and a Baby movie series where crazy stuff happens to the Dads because of the crazy combination of alcohol and beaches.

I assure you, nothing of the sort. Because I just know you were hanging out for that cinematic release. 🤣

Instead I pose this… what can be better than swimming at your local beach during the day?


Why, ALSO swimming at your sisters pool at night.


Only I didn’t swim at night, baby girl did… but drinking a cocktail poolside kind of comes close, right? 😉🍸

#1051 A grateful start to 2019

What more can I ask for?


Photo by Oskars Sylwan on Unsplash

Seeing in the New Year with family, friends.


Love, happiness, fun, laughter.

Dancing and d&m’s.

Roasted marshmallows.


Splashing by the pool.

Selfies by the tree.


All the good things, are all the simple things.

Happy New Year to all. May 2019 bring you all your greatest desires.

Every year with my loved ones, I am supremely grateful.

Here’s looking to a 2019 filled with more gratitude, or ways to find it, than the last.


Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash