#1949 Passing the dread

You know what’s worth being grateful for?

Getting over something you’ve been dreading.

You know what I was sweating over today?

My annual dentist visit.

Now, I’m not like one of those people who are scared of the dentist, nah. I’m committed to my once yearly check-up, but it’s what happens in the check-up that has me counting down the days, hours, minutes, ’til I walk out their door thinking “see you next year!”

It’s the clean. Oh God, the CLEAN.

Some years, it’s not bad. Last year, it was painful. Like the way the dentist goes around each tooth, right on the gum, and it feels so sensitive, to the point that on some visits, I’ve actually had to go “ow.” Like I had to let him know, this bloody hurt.

I would honestly rather be poked and prodded in other areas (and ladies you can read between the lines here) than get my teeth cleaned. Those roughly 3 minutes, oh my God, countdown from hell.

I braced myself today, and I tricked myself into being brave. Like I’ve had to say to myself before, I said today “you are not here. You are dreaming.”

These are the wild tactics I employ to not freak out.

And, I got through! More, if wasn’t even that bad! No pain!


Oh man. The relief is immense. I messaged Hubbie immediately afterwards telling him I survived, then I got a big coffee and cookie at a nearby cafe to celebrate, lol.

Little things. Little things. 🤦‍♀️😉😉🤣🤣

#1849 Relief

Sometimes there doesn’t seem to be much relief in your life.

Not much progress.

Not many changes.

Or so it seems…

And so it comes to reason, that living vicariously through your loved ones is the next best thing.

It is a wonderful thing.

Feeling supreme joy for someone else’s happiness, has the power to lift you immensely.

It might be an operation that’s gone better than expected.

Some unexpected great news.

Or a promotion someone dear to you has received.

But hearing of someone’s good fortune, makes you think that maybe, just maybe…

Things will turn a corner for you too.

Fingers crossed. 🤞

#1796 A kind fellow

Ahh, it’s good to be back.

We are HOME. Finally. And in no small part is it due to a kind person we had only ever met over the phone up ’til this morning, who quite literally saved the day for us.

Our car had actually been fixed, lo and behold, late yesterday afternoon. But both last night, and this morning, when I tried repeatedly for almost 2 hours, Hubbie couldn’t get an uber to pick up his car from a mechanic’s only 15 minutes away.

It was so frustrating. I called taxi services that didn’t answer, and then uber just kept saying –

“Sorry, we couldn’t find a ride for you.”


A word of caution for us and anyone else when booking a holiday: regional trips can come with its share of issues if shit hits the fan. Just sayin’.

Anyway, we were due out of the apartment at 10am. Hubbie called the mechanic in desperation to explain the situation, and this guy that we’d never met, that we’d been hassling for a day and a half to get our car fixed in time, so very kindly offered to drop the car off to us.

OMG. Praise the Lord. Can you hear the angels sing?


We lugged bags and bags and bags worth of stuff to the foyer, checked out, and then some time later, our car pulled up to the reception!

What a sight!

This mechanic was the nicest guy… he had gone out of his way to help us, and we couldn’t say thank you enough.

But once we did, pedal hit the metal, and we zoomed home for an hour and 10 minutes.

We’re all going to sleep soooo well tonight.

Home sweet home. 💖💖💖💖

#1729 Day 231 of getting there: beyond 25

You know, 25 has always been a special number for me, being the date that Hubbie and I first got together, all those years ago.

But having been restricted within 25 kms of our home as of late, has been just an extension of the lockdown we’ve been living for months now.

Because all our friends and family are outside of those 25, the recent loosening of restrictions has been much of a muchness.

But today? Today I eagerly watched the announcement by our Premier Dan Andrews, and although it was fairly expected, given our recent brilliant track record of 0 new coronavirus cases for 9 days straight already, when he actually said those words…

That the 25kms would be LIFTED.

That the state was one again.

I unexpectedly, broke down a little.

Baby girl looked at me concerned, giving me a pat on the back.

“It’s okay honey, I’m just happy. Happy tears.”

They were. And they will be.

Getting there, more and more, every day. 💖🙏

#1631 Day 133 of getting there: happy for 6 more weeks

It sounds ridiculous, but…

I was actually excited about the stage 4 restrictions imposed today.

EXCITED. Wow. I never would have thought that weeks ago, I’d be happy to be in even further lockdown, and over my birthday month period out of all times!

But I am. I am more than happy to sacrifice my birthday this year, so that people actually get their act together.

I am more than happy to sacrifice, because honestly, being with my family and friends, HEALTHY, and being able to see them this year, means more to me, than going through what we were going through up until Christmas, or God knows when.

People not listening. Arguing with authority. Claiming personal rights, freedom!

Freedom to what, die?

Are your beliefs that strong, that stubborn, that important, that you are willing to risk endangering your family members lives over people like you not adhering to the rules?

You are willing for them to die over incompetent idiots such as yourselves?

I AM NOT. I am not willing to do that. Watching the so-called enlightened ones on social media is absolutely frustrating, because I find it insane on a whole other-worldly level, that this is a conspiracy, and the whole world, really, the WHOLE WORLD, are in on it.

Sit with that for a second. That insane, impossible concept, if you are such an enlightened one too. Go on.

I’ve refrained until now. And now is when I say – GOOD.

Good, that we are getting further lockdown.

So, that’s where I’m at. Happy. Relieved. Actually planning what other home jobs I can do in that time…

And hopeful that it will be over soon, and we can throw a belated birthday party. 🙂

Because it’s never too late. 😉

#1629 Day 131 of getting there: one step closer

Oh wow. The feeling of relief, of relaxation, tiredness even… is immense.

But also, there is exhilaration.

I have to thank Hubbie and baby girl. They let me do my thing these last few days, escape to quiet rooms of the house, yell at them to not yell, and even run upstairs onto our bed where I could truly be at peace.

To write.

I sacrificed a lot. Baby girl’s school work. She did maybe a task a day.

The cooking. It was either Hubbie doing it or grabbing some kind of half-healthy takeaway.

The time. Instead of spending time with my family, I was furiously going over and over and over my manuscript, trying to get it up to the standard I would be okay with, before sending it off for a competition tonight.

Don’t mention the cleaning.

Don’t mention the washing.

Don’t mention the clothes hanging up in the house waiting to be put away.

Don’t mention anything to do with the house!

The phone calls. The jobs I put off. I sacrificed so much, and I would do it all again.

You know what? Because I love it.

When you find that which you’re passionate about, you want to spend as much of your life doing it, right?

If my house, the washing, even some odd jobs have to suffer I WILL TAKE IT.

Because I’d rather be known as ‘that writing gal,’ than the woman who had a clean house.

Really. What is important here?

(Having said all that, I’m actually aching to clean every crevice of the house tomorrow!)

Anyway… the mad rush is over. 88 thousand words have been submitted, and I couldn’t be happier.

It’s not even about whether I win or not. I honestly doubt I will. But I proved to myself that I could hit the deadline, I pushed myself to re-edit and re-structure my novel, and if you think about it, regardless of the results, I am one step closer to getting there.

And one step closer is a great place to be.

#1400 Ninety-three thousand words before midnight

Right down to the wire.

I F^&*ING did it.

Okay well I didn’t actual ‘do it,’ yet… if I did I would be bathing in Moet.

Remember that for when I get published. 😉

But tonight, was the night. It was the night I let go of the reins of the horse that has been gallivanting around in my head, vibrating from my fingertips, and taking up creative space on my computer for the past roughly 7-8 years.

Tonight was the night we submitted our full manuscripts!!!!


Oh my.  I actually thought I’d be more nervous, but getting to this point has been gradual, what with submitting 5000 words of our novels at each submission point.

Relief is an understatement.

I am so glad for it to be off my hands for the time being… and having a break from, well what else…

NOT having to write anything.

Oh man. Right on time for Christmas and ALL. Goodnight 🙂

#1349 Finding Mister F again

Let me start off by saying I am definitely a cat person.

I say this because despite that fact, over the 6 months that we’ve had Mister F, my relationship with him has been kind of complicated.

I love him to pieces. Really I do.

But he scratches things he is not meant to.

Goes into rooms he is not meant to.

His fur drops around everywhere.

And there I am, scolding/blocking/picking up after him wherever he goes.

I follow him around so much to make sure he is not getting into trouble, I often feel like his personal bouncer. Only I am directing him out of the club, and not to the private room.

And yet again, despite all this… I was so happy to have him home today. I patted the couch next to me after he had settled a bit after his overnight vet excursion. Mister F had complications days ago and wasn’t well – the vet settled all that, hopefully forever… and when I showed him the spot next to me he happily jumped up on the couch.


He lay there, the sunlight streaming through the window, white socks resting on the couch, his eyes closing slowly as my hand stroked his head, scratched his neck, and combed down the rest of his coat.

I know he is family now, because he pisses me off… but I still love him.

Welcome back home Mister 😉

#1285 Looking forward to 3

It’s all about numbers ain’t it? Yesterday 7, today 3.

And you know what has me sooo relieved and happy today?

Baby girl has a curriculum day tomorrow. Friday.

I have finished work. Which means no shift on, Saturday.

Sunday, is well… Sunday.

I have three days off in a row.

Three sleep-ins in a row!

I am on the cusp of all this slumber, and I CAN’T WAIT!!!