#2054 Our little ritual

When we meet on the couch at the end of the night, Hubbie and I love watching Selling Houses Australia.

Well, when baby girl isn’t glued to The Masked Singer… that’s alright too.😉

We have watched the show for about the last two years, catching random episodes here and there.

But a while back during one of the lockdowns, I pressed a series link record on the show via Foxtel, and it started recording, quite timely, from the very first episode.

We’ve been making our way through it slowly. The earlier eps can be a bit meh in some ways, I mean some of the older houses and renos are outdated now at over a decade later. But the ideas and the inspiration remain the same, so it is worth still seeing.

As do the annoying homeowners. OMG. 🤦‍♀️

These guys are next level. The amount of times we shake our heads… how can you ask experts for advice, and then tell them they are wrong and fight to the death as if they know better than real estate and reno folk?

Tonight we sat down again, and it was a season 3 ep, an interesting one at that. A man had purchased a house in Footscray quite randomly when out to get groceries – I know – for his son, who actually didn’t want the house, he wanted to live overseas instead.

So he had to sell it.

It was a beautifully classic house, with gorgeous features, but it was a full reno job.

It all had to go.

Hubbie turned to me as they were ripping things out, and said “this is a good ep.”

And I laughed. “Look at us all adulting! Watching reno shows.”

He smiled back, and I felt happy, knowing that we had grown into adults together. 😊

It’s an important thing you know. To grow up, with your partner. You don’t need to both like the same things, but you always need to be moving, growing, learning. It makes things more beautiful, you share more, and when one isn’t left behind…

Your relationship is that much stronger, because you are moving through life, forwards, together.

All of that from a reno show. 🤣

Oh, and they sold the house for good coin, in case you wanted to know. 💰 That’s because the homeowner wasn’t annoying. 🤭

#2053 Moving it up a week

What I’m grateful for today is a bit of a weird one…

It’s certainly been the topic, issue further, of the year/s all over the world, and this particular part of it has been super prevalent all over our fair country of Australia lately…

We are all THINKING it, but none of us are talking about it. Well, only in close circles, but otherwise to say so on social media?

Yeah, word bombs go off.

What I’m referring to is the vaccine debate.

And I am super grateful that I have moved mine up.

I’ve been especially anxious of late. All these cases are going up, and I’ve been watching with bated breath… people in hospital, people in ICU, people on ventilators… it’s super scary.

Hubbie thought I was acting extra anxious, more so than I ever was last year.

Sure, this strain is stronger, and that gives people reason enough to be concerned.

But I had my health shot to pieces this last year, and the thought of yet another thing giving me pain… well I just can’t.

I need protection.

It’s a definite reason to pause and understand that people are motivated by various reasons, and we need to be mindful and respectful of that.

I was initially booked in for 2 weeks time… 2 weeks too far away in my panicky opinion.

But I was able to move it up, and am now going in next week with Hubbie.

Phew. Almost.

Please tell, how did you go with your dose (first, second?) Any symptoms that followed?

And the relief? I hear the relief is amazing. I am already reaching out for it with both hands.

If you’ve gotten it already, please share how you went. 😊

*This is a safe space, and all opinions and views are respected and encouraged, however abuse of any kind is not tolerated.*

#2052 First beach day of 2021

I’m calling it!

Tuesday the 28th of September 2021.

The first beach day… kinda.

Ok, so hear me out. I didn’t submerge myself at all, instead just letting my feet be stung by the super freezing waters!

Baby girl however was in full swimsuit, submerged herself and got totally wet…

And we were there for over 2 hours.

AND it was over 20 degrees (something 🤷‍♀️)

So I think despite the fact I was sans swimsuit, we can still call it an official beach day.

The earliest EVER!

And we have covid to thank, seriously. I would never in the past have considered allowing baby girl near waters so cold, when the weather wasn’t at least like 28, and in September of all months, when the mornings are still so freaking cold!

But I think we are desperate, let’s be honest, to go out and do something.

Maybe too, I am getting used to the fact that the beach is for ALL seasons… I honestly am realising more and more, year after year, that given somewhat ‘appropriate weather’ (no cyclones, storms, hell-bent windy weather) you can totally hang out there and be happy, even when it isn’t the sunniest of seasons.

Which is what we were today. At peace, and happy. 🙏💖

#2051 Balance and the bike ride

I love the balance that comes with the bike ride.

I don’t ride. I simply, accompany.

First, I watch her.

For a LONG time.

Then… she rides home.

And I run like the wind behind her, the afternoon light bright on my face, air whipping past me, pushing my legs onwards, and onwards, and onwards…



#2050 Spring walk

I love these kind of days. The weather just ‘springs’ up on you.

Like today. I came home from grocery shopping, and suddenly it was clear to me why the shops had been dead… clearly everyone was outside!

It was simply stunning. Blue skies dotted with wispy clouds, the warm air gently breezing over…

So after lunch, we did our own Spring walk.

And the curvy tree-lined paths and shimmering waters, get me EVERY TIME. 😍

#2049 DIY chocolate

I recently ordered this amazing DIY chocolate set from Mornington Peninsula Chocolaterie.

There are a whole lot of ‘school holiday at home’ kits they are selling at the moment, and later this week the Australian Animal Chocolate Making Kit arrived on our doorstep.

Everything was labelled so perfectly, everything organised to an OCD-perfector’s delight. I helped baby girl in the chocolate melting, and she squeezed the chocolate onto the templates and then it went all over her hands…

So I was like, quick, lick it up!

Then we had leftover chocolate multiple times, and there I was in the kitchen, squeezing melted chocolate from the piping bag straight into baby girl’s mouth, saying “I am the worst Mum ever, look what I’m doing!”

And she was laughing her head off, chocolate all over her teeth and mum, clearly disagreeing with me. 🤭😉

It was a WHOLE heap of fun.

We taste-tested them tonight, and can I say, best chocolate ever! So smooth and creamy, OH MY GOD.

Also, BEST IDEA EVER! Such a fun thing to do on a school holiday in lockdown, we had the best laughs this afternoon… but not because we were high on chocolate and drinking it straight from the piping bags. 🤣🤣

#2048 The working day off

I was so happy that today was a public holiday.

Baby girl is on school holidays.

Even Hubbie had the day off work.


I was still working from home… and I was happy about it!

I don’t know why, but it made all the difference in the world that Hubbie was home.

It meant that it was less of a balancing act for me, what with working, and then tending to baby girl’s needs all day…

It was just nah, my stuff. All my stuff, and nothing else!

And I guess, knowing that my family was nearby, despite the work… it was a good feeling.


#2045 Decadent dessert

I made this tiramisu on Saturday night.

I have been eating it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I have to. I mean, it’s not like I can just go to somebody’s house and be like, here, have some alcoholic/caffeinated super decadent dessert… there is no one close enough like that within my lockdown kms.

(I would share, honestly, seriously I would).

Yes, I said alcohol. Frangelico my dears, an entire cup’s worth!

And the same quantity of coffee too!

Topped off with a sprinkling of chopped up hazelnuts mixed through cocoa powder…

Nom nom nom nom nom.