#1507 Day 9 of getting there: the surprise letter

You know, there’s more than one way to reach out to someone.

That’s important to keep in mind during this self-isolation period we are ALL collectively going through.

Self-isolation… together. Now that’s a contradiction we didn’t think we’d see, but we are living and breathing it now.

This is kind of my gratitude, but mostly baby girl’s. I’m just living it vicariously through her.

Because she received a letter in the mail today… from her grandparents.

My parents. ♥

It pretty much said, well done on your tooth falling out, sorry we can’t see you in person, but…

Here’s a little something. ;););)



(It WASN’T the slinky)

Not only was it super sweet, but it showed me just how valuable reaching out, non-physically, can be.

There are so many ways to show people we care, and we are about to get a whole lot more imaginative discovering them during this time.

Join me for the ride. 🙂

#1495 Stay home and work work work work work

Day one of a new kind of normal.

I have the simplest, also kind of the best thing to be grateful for, while also keeping me subsequently busy too. A job. A new job, that unbelievably, I am able to work from home for.

And today, only moments ago…

My first pay cheque!

Cha-ching! $$$

It has been over 6 months since I last had personal income flow into the account, via moi services. And since we’re going to be staying home, A LOT it seems over the next few months, well I might as well spend that time working… from home.

A match made in heaven I think. Win-win.

#1365 The Euro Grocer

Finally, I am home.

We have been in our Sea change destination for 3 years now, but it was not until today that I felt like I was finally one with my environment, and it was one, with me.

I was home.

Because, finally, a European continental grocer opened up at my local shopping centre and I CAN NOT EVEN.


I am ecstatic. Back in our old ‘hood I used to shop weekly or twice-weekly (who am I kidding it was thrice-weekly) at a great grocer deli that was near all the other big supermarkets.

The location and convenience was optimal. I could go to H&G, grab all the fruit and veg I could feast my eyes upon, and then anything I wasn’t keen on I could get at the $$$ supermarkets.

H&G had a huge range, good produce, and was value for money.

I lost ALL of that when we moved here. I have been focusing on supermarket produce ever since and IT KILLS ME. Sure there are gourmet produce places out here, but they are not just $$$…

They are $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

So it has been only slightly annoying.

But today… today! I was in heaven. The produce was fresh and inviting, and so wide in range. There were some gourmet deli products, European basics (which had become foreign rather than regular to me in our moving here), and we even got a whole pumpkin, for 27 cents!

What? How does one buy a 2.185 kilo pumpkin for 27 cents?

Why, when it is on a daily special of 8 cents per kilo, that’s how.

8 cents a kilo???!!!

Yep. 😏

But that is not all. Noooo.

I was walking by the biscuits and nuts and my eyes came to rest on the most heavenly of boxes.


These are the best God-damn wafer biscuits in the world. There, I have called it. They don’t sell it at my local Safeway and when I bought a similar product from a competitor…

They were NOT the same. 👎

Do not buy imitation people.

I proceeded to grab a packet and tell baby girl that these were in fact the best biscuits in the world, while non-Euro pensioners walked by me with curious eyes taking a second look at the Napolitanke.

Yep that’s right. Keep walking. They are all MINE.

I grabbed a papaya for old times sake and Hubbie branched out with gourmet sauce, we got our produce and were out of there…


I am so happy. Soooooo happy. Oh man. I will have to shop there every day until the novelty wears off.

i.e. NEVER.

#1335 To market, to market

Until I moved here, I didn’t realise how much I enjoyed one very particular thing.

MARKETS. On the Mornington Peninsula, they are abundant in their offerings.

They happen all the time. Every weekend you will find a market happening somewhere. There are seasonal markets, monthly market, and even weekly markets.

The Mornington Wednesday Market occurs on the Main Street every hump day, rain hail or shine.

The Mt Eliza Farmers Market is held on the 4th Sunday of each month.

And then you’ll find something like the Emu Plains Market in Balnarring, open once-monthly on Saturdays through the warmer months, and then hibernates their stalls, food trucks and jumping castle, over Winter.

So many markets. 

There are specialty markets that appear at the same time each year, and there are also new markets being created ALL THE TIME.

I personally, love it.

And yet I nearly missed today’s one. Thank God for social media. Facebook gave me a reminder last night, and so after picking up baby girl from school, we freshened up at home before heading down the road to the –

Soul Market. Yep.

This one is held once, maybe twice yearly. It’s a smaller venue, but so close to us, that if I knew I wouldn’t have to drag a tired baby girl home once all was looked at and oohed and ahhed, we could have a really good walk up and back from there.

We walked the rooms, shared some twisted potatoes, and enjoyed the fact, that hell, it was Friday.

For a small market, it was really high in quality with what I was presented with. I saw a lot of beautiful and special things, and, I couldn’t help myself…

I bought things. 🤭

Can you blame me? I happened across a row of Vintage dresses with the price tag of $25 tagged on the top of the clothes rack, and then I spied a really cute and fun dress, and a familiar tag…

Alannah Hill.

For $25???

I didn’t even try it on. I put it on later at home. 😉


And that other item there? Natural deodorant. I have seen these things around lately in many forms and brands, and so when I saw the lovely lady there with pamphlets in hand and ready to offer demonstrations (and apply all the different kinds to my skin, now that is personal service!) I was more than ready to buy.

It was a nice and slow afternoon wind-down, a wind-down from this week, this month, and this cold weather…

And to think, I could possibly do it all again, as soon as this Sunday.

Because it’s the Mornington Racecourse Market. 🤷‍♀️🤣

#1297 The Final Paycheck


Hopefully not my last ever paycheck, as I do plan on working again, and I do plan on earning again… But for now, I am pretty much out the door, with notices signed, papers received, and now paycheck – IN.

It still feels like work oddly enough. I have to keep reminding myself it is my ‘old’ work, not my current work anymore. Google maps keeps telling me how long it will take me to drive to work…

SUCK THAT GOOGLE. And the Monash. I won’t be missing that.

But maybe it doesn’t yet feel like the end because we have a final send-off party at the end of the week… let’s see how things feel after that.



#1276 Birthday shopping

Shopping yesterday… and shopping today.

What am I meant to do anyway? Like I am buying a billion things for baby girl’s parties as I run around here, there and everywhere, so it cannot be expected that I will forget about moi…

Not when it is my birthday too!!!

Let’s just say between the last two days, I have a birthday outfit, somewhere. 

Don’t be jelly yet. Motherhood has made my aesthetic thread needs fall majorly to the wayside this year. That and all my recent ills and sores, and I am waaayyyy deserving of some retail therapy.

I am starting to really enjoy birthday month 😊

Too right. 😉


#1221 Her first report

I don’t know how other schools do it… but today I discovered that prior to the interview I’ll be attending next week to discuss the past semester with baby girl’s teacher, a report is released… in advance.

I was told that it was accessible, today, via the school app.

But I didn’t rush. We had dinner, showers, cleaned up. As curious as I was, I figured it might be a whole lot of generic statements. Things like “she plays with well others” or “she works independently and is self-sufficient” I expected to just be filled in with her name inserted in the line –

“Baby girl plays well with others.”

“Baby girl works independently and is self-sufficient.”

Sure, there was a bit of that, especially from the specialist subjects. But what I was really interested in was the break-down of her skills and her abilities, and what she had achieved and learnt this year so far.

And I got really emotional. In a GOOD way.

And no it isn’t because she is first in the class. She didn’t get a perfect scorecard. Her teacher outlined her strengths, the areas that she still needs to grow in, and most importantly, wrote that she was doing brilliantly because she was so willing, and gave so much effort in her tasks.

I was so proud. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Giving a damn? Trying? Wanting to do your best?

And in that regard, she was tops.

Hubbie and I were so rapt. I went to my wallet looking for money… but found nothing.

Hubbie’s wallet “I got nothing!”

I went shuffling through my work coin purse and fished out a pink note.

“We don’t have a lot to give you now honey,” I said as I put the 5-er in her hand. “But we are soooo proud of you!”

And off she went with a smile to shove it into her unicorn money box.

A for effort. 🙂 ♥




#1181 The Mother’s Day Stall

Oh wow. Boy was I excited to see what she would come home with today.

Gifts at today’s Mother’s Day Stall at baby girl’s primary school ranged from $1 to $6… the greedy b*&th that I am gave her $10. 😉

To see what she would come home with (tee hee hee).

I waited in the freezing cold along with other parents as we waited for the bell to ring this afternoon. Slowly they trickled out after the familiar end-of-day ringing, and peppered within the crowd were kids holding bags with gifts inside.

(Heart melting).

Finally, baby girl arrived. Coming out the door, rugged up with 4 layers and hair in two ponytails as she had requested that morning… she walked over to me and with her hands outstretched holding a card, said “Happy Mother’s Day Mama.”


She could barely wait to show me what she had bought. I managed to get her to the car before she stopped and pulled out the presents from her bag, as it threatened to drizzle again, the winds icy and savage around us.

“Do you love it?”


“I love it!”

At home I had a proper look…


A make-up type case, a hanging heart decoration, and also a meal planner…

Bless. She knows I love my food.

No not really. She just wanted to use the marker and then rub it out again with the special eraser…

STILL. Rapt. I am soo happy. Nothing like your child bringing you home presents, Mother’s Day Stall or not, to make your day :):):)

#1088 Happiness not withdrawn

Let me tell you a tale. A tale of how sometimes, going against the system will serve you well.

There may be many out there who constantly go against the system… whatever works for you.

This story is about testing, questioning, and not taking things at face value… and one day this type of example might just help you.


I received a speeding fine a while back. As it was, I opened the fine on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas.

Great. Just great.

The fine was in Hubbie’s name, only because the insurance is… but as I retraced the steps of the offending date and time, I saw with sadness that it was definitely me driving my car.

Damn. Boo.

What was more annoying was it was in a 50 zone. I was apparently doing an estimated 54-57 kms an hour, in a residential street not far from where I lived… and I hadn’t even realised it was a 50 zone.

After going through the paperwork to get it transferred to my name, weeks passed and I was set to begrudgingly pay it.

But then one evening, I drove into that same street. With curiosity, I kept on the lookout, and realised that the 50km/h street sign for the street, appeared once, only at the beginning of my street entrance… and it was slightly turned inwards. Towards the houses.


On that particular day too, there was a truck parked out the front of a house, near that sign, which practically obstructed all vision of it.


I started to think.

Vandalism of some sort had occurred, making the visibility of the sign very difficult. I then remembered how I was surprised it was a 50 street…. a parallel street nearby which is also residential, is in fact a 60 zone.

I had naturally assumed this one would be the same.

I had a chat to Hubbie, and he encouraged me to go for it. Go online and appeal. I was tentative only because the fine was due soon, and I figured they would take my delay as a last-ditch attempt to avoid paying, and not because I had seriously come across some interesting information that might help my case.

But… I appealed.

Today as I got home from work I saw a letter in my name. Knowing I was due for an answer from them anytime now, I ripped open the envelope with hesitation and fury.



“You did it?” Hubbie came over and I started reading out the letter excitedly.

The infringement had been withdrawn. They still concluded that an offence had been made, but in light of the evidence provided, I was let off with a warning.

A warning! Oh what sweet words!

Of course, this means I cannot appeal any similar related infringements within a 2 year period IF I get them… which I won’t. I’m super duper careful now. 😉

But if I hadn’t tried… that would have been a couple of hundred dollars out of my pocket… and a few demerit points also gone.

But I tried. I had nothing to lose.

Neither do you 🙂