#449 Wireless mouse is re-born

So lately my laptop mousepad has been pissing me off. It is extra sensitive, and no it is not a setting (it just tried to delete that sentence there) whereby I’ll be trying to delete a misspelt letter in a line 3 rows up, and instead it will reposition whole sentences. I will be dragging a photo I want to later develop into another folder on my computer, and instead short-cuts and whole folders will be selected and they will disappear before my eyes into another folder. Shit happens, before I save.

It is computer, NOT user. In particular, mouse pad.

I did a frustrated scream of “Grrr Argh!” hours earlier when again folders disappeared and the photos I wanted to save, didn’t. I yelled that I was going to hurtle the laptop, and baby girl came over and rubbed my back supportively. Awww.

I remembered that we still had a wireless mouse stashed away in our desk somewhere. I couldn’t remember exactly why I stopped using it – was it low batteries, or the fact that with laptop, my mouse was now ON my computer? – but I decided enough was enough. I needed control back.

I tried with little success, to get it to work again, first re-installing the wireless mouse programme, and then changing the batteries inside. As I did this I noticed it was especially rusty on the contact ends, and only after new batteries didn’t even work, did I start to suspect…

I was still hell-bent on buying another wireless mouse, soon, but out of curiosity googled, because ALL OF THE WORLDS ANSWERS ARE ON GOOGLE. I google EVERYTHING.

I asked something along the lines of “what does green rust come from?”

I got heaps of options to click on, but the one that grabbed my attention was a youtube video on how to clean rust from your battery compartments, yourself.

I mean, of course. There was a youtube video for everything, even how to fold fitted sheets (still witches I say).

I watched the short video, observing how easy it was to do:

  • dip a cotton bud into white vinegar, carefully cleaning and removing as much of the green rust as possible
  • then using a clean cotton bud dipped in water, wipe over as much of the vinegar as possible
  • before finally dabbing all parts with some clean paper towel.

I had all this stuff at home. I would do it.

I wasn’t able to get all of the green rust off, so I wasn’t sure how effective the procedure was. Still I dried the internal parts of the mouse with some paper towel, and then popped in the new batteries, before plugging in the mouse’s usb key into the laptop.

I turned the mouse over and… it lit up green! On screen, the cursor was moving!


I was pretty chuffed with myself. I had saved myself about $70. 🙂 And just with a little D.I.Y too. I may need to revisit the cleaning with vinegar thing again soon, since the rust wasn’t all removed… but for a first time, I think I did good.

I’m so happy with my mouse right now.


#437 Petrol cashier’s kindness


My gratitude came to me today at the insanely early and God-forsaken hour of 5:45am.

Godly indeed. Blessings certainly came my way.

Are you one of those people, where upon waking up, sudden thoughts and ideas and reminders, just pop into your head?

Pop, pop, pop!

Well as I was getting dressed for work this morning, I realised astutely, and begrudgingly, that I was fairly sure I had to fill up the car with petrol.

Damn it. The cons of working so far from home. I knew the tank would take me there. But the one time I tried pouring petrol in the city before my trip home, I was stuck in further traffic for so long, that I swore I would NEVER do that again.

I would have to do it then. Now. 5:30am.

Which I’ve done heaps of times before. No biggie. My car dash confirmed what I dreaded as I got in – yep, need the juice. Off we go, driver.

Standing in the freezing cold, rain whipping about me despite the elevated shade, it didn’t occur to me. Then, as I finished filling up the tank, it still, didn’t occur to me. Then, getting my wallet out of my bag, still, it didn’t occur to me.

As I opened up my wallet to get my card out, to make my walk across the petrol station to its indoors, I stopped.

Shock. Horror.

My card wasn’t there.

And just like that pop!

Another memory. 15 MINUTES TOO LATE.

The night before I had swapped the money Hubbie had in his wallet to take with me to work, for car parking, and put my key card in his wallet, just because, in case. I knew he probably wouldn’t need it, but you know.

I was being nice.

I didn’t even have a credit card. He had that too.

(Face palm).

I went back to the car, and got my mobile too. I didn’t know what I would do, other than I think I needed all the back up and technological gadgets I could get, for some unknown reason.

As the man at the counter called out “number 6?” with a smile, I grimaced.

“Yes, but I don’t have my cards! I’ve left them at home, and…”

I started rattling off random things. Should I call my husband? Should I get him to drop off the card? Both ideas were inconvenient – if I went home I’d most likely have to leave my driver’s licence with him, and that was if the cashier let me drive home. The other option involved Hubbie having to take baby girl with him to the petrol station down the road, just so he could give her scatterbrained Mum a freaking card from his wallet that HE DIDN’T EVEN NEED THAT DAY.

I waved my phone about. “Can I somehow pay, with this?” I racked my brain, realising that I didn’t even think our credit card had a mobile app, and even so, I didn’t have the card number on me!

And then as I was rattling off things sporadically, I came to some kind of end result…

I showed him my bank app, and asked “Can I pay the business through my account?”

Well, it wasn’t the business account I paid. But the man had given me his personal account number, and I transferred the funds into that. He didn’t explain, but my perception was that he would fix up the till, from the money I had put in there.

He held up his phone when it was done, and said “it’s gone through” with a smile. I didn’t step forward to check, as there was a queue of people in front of him waiting to pay for their items the normal way. I just thanked him profusely and left quickly.

But I wondered. Should I have taken a photo of his phone’s image, ensuring I had proof I had in fact paid? Would he report me to the cops and keep my money for himself?

Would my writer’s mind just shut up???

It’s sad that as we get older, we are often told to watch our backs, be wary of other’s intentions, and make sure we are not taken advantage of. I reminded myself of the facts – I had needed his help, and he had come through for me, going out of his personal way to do so.

And then, I said “breathe SmikG. This dude saved your arse.”

So, at 5:45am, I was grateful to the petrol guy. I think that station has gained a constant income from our family, from now until FOREVER.

#270 Sunday market at Docklands

Me and markets, don’t go together.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE MARKETS.

But like I said, me and markets… DON’T GO TOGETHER.

Or maybe I should say my purse and markets, don’t go together…

Because a casual Sunday stroll while at work brings me pink shorts, a Spiderman towel, and a gigantic cinnamon scroll, while removing $30 from my wallet.

Me thinks not too bad?


I was starting to feel a bit sorry for myself this morning when I got up to go to work. Melbourne was putting it on, in fantastic fashion. Without even peeking through the curtains, I could just tell by the amazing light filtering through that it was going to be a stunner of a day.

And it was. Is. Driving to work was a tad hard. Everyone was going to be out today. Everyone was going to be enjoying the sunshine. Everyone was going to be having the freaking time of their life…

And I was going to be alone, at work, in front of a computer screen.

But, this gratitude blog, is not just a blog. It is an online expressive means of A WAY OF LIFE. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you should always try to look for something to be thankful for, and even on particularly difficult days, you may be able to find something little, still something worthy, if you look hard enough.

I know I don’t have any real problems here. I was just feeling sorry for myself on a sunny Sunday. So then I stopped, and decided to discover the Docklands Sunday market, a current Summer mainstay. I perused the stalls, and found some cute little pressies for baby girl – some pink shorts and a Spiderman towel, because this girl loves her trains and spidermen as much as she loves her hair accessories and beaded jewellery – and then because I had a coffee in hand I had to buy the biggest cinnamon pretzel I have ever seen.


It’s a pretty cute selection of stalls, and though it’s nothing massive, it’s still worth having a look at if you’re in the area. You’ll find kids items, coffee, pastries, churros, cakes, jewellery, soaps, diffusers, gemstones, vintage-style binoculars, telescopes and compasses, second-hand books, and clothes, amongst many other things.

I now have something to be grateful for on my Sunday work shifts…

Or should I say, another thing to be grateful for 🙂

Check it out at: http://www.docklandsundaymarket.com.au/index.php

#259 Disappointment in Dashed Dreams

Well, they may only be dashed for about 6 months, give or take. Let’s be honest, give or GIVE.

Because that’s the way it is right now. Give give GIVE. Everything is freaking frustrating. I know it’s just the kitchen, but it is THE KITCHEN, the heart and soul of the Home. And to know that we need to wait a whole lot longer because, $$$ is required, more than we realised, to reno it, it’s the ultimate very expensive straw on our backs.

Bad enough our kitchen here, is actually more limited in space than our previous one. There at least, I had my other stash of kitchen items thrown into the spare ‘bullshit’ room upstairs. Here: no such bullshit room, since I wanna start on a good note. We are filling things up. Each room has its own pile of shit/stuff. The kitchen is for kitchen things.

And this kitchen can’t fit all my kitchen things.

When I thought all I had to wait for was January to get moving on with this transformation, I was like ‘cool. I can wait, just a little more, just a little more.’

Ignore the ancient oven. Ignore the electric cooktop that looks more 1950s than 80s, with one broken hotplate. Ignore the fact that I don’t know where the hell most of my crap is because soon, I will have a new kitchen.

Just ignore it all.

But tonight, after one more quote for the kitchen, I couldn’t avoid the price any longer. And soon was no longer a fact. With the realisation that my dream kitchen was being snatched further away from me yet again, I grew increasingly disappointed.

Disappointed with dashed dreams.

And crazily, I was soon grateful for it.

Because if it wasn’t for my disappointment, I wouldn’t have ripped insanely into the unpacked boxes that have made themselves home in one corner of our kitchen for a good few weeks. If I wasn’t disappointed, they would have gone on there, a few more days, maybe even a few more weeks, gathering dust, becoming even more of a nuisance to walk around/trip over.

But I got pissed off. Seriously pissed off at my delayed dream kitchen. And I decided if I wasn’t going to have my dream kitchen sooner rather than later, I sure as hell was not going to let these damn boxes take over my kitchen while I could have my shit out of them.

I didn’t unpack them all. But I made amazing progress, and I think I’ll get through the rest, with some heavy lifting from Hubbie to shove them into place somewhere, in the next couple of days.

So, being pissed, gave me ammo. If you can channel any negative emotion into something positive, well I guess you’re doing it right. I’m still pissed, but I have less boxes around, and that makes me… cool about it.

#258 Online shopping

A man should never leave his personal credit card with his wife.

Conversely, a woman should never take advantage of her husband’s credit card.

I just spent $190 in 15 minutes. And most of it was on coasters for goodness sake.

But ahh, the beauty and convenience of online shopping. I have been longing for a certain type of coaster for a while now, but tried to delay the purchase and subsequent spending of $$$ until we had moved. Today, with the sun shining out and fuelled by my good friend coffee, I went on a bit of a random shopping spree. One of my chosen items coincidentally tells me that coffee is what you do BEFORE you do any shopping, well ANY THING for that matter:


See? I must be on track. But seriously. I also got a Wiggles bed spread for baby girl:


Ahh the things you do, I couldn’t leave my princess out. And before you think I am an evil, evil woman parting with money unbeknownst to Hubbie, I assure you I will tell him tonight after he’s had his second alcoholic drink and his tummy is full. Oh, also, coincidentally, I also bought this:


#243 Unexpected refund

It’ll be an ongoing job of mine, for a little while anyway, to update our address and change plans/policies where required, with the various people who service us: banks, insurers, mobile companies, etc.

As I called our main car insurer today, I can’t say I was expecting a huge surplus. I knew we would get some money back in cancelling an old policy with them, but when the very lovely lady told me we would be receiving a refund for all our cars, I was so shocked I actually asked “why?”

Our new area is considered more low risk than our old one. So not only are we getting $$$ back, but safety is coming back too.

Lol. What about sexy? Is sexy coming back?

That’s right, as Prince was proclaimed to have said, it never left…;)

#210 Interest Free!

50 months interest free!

55 months interest free!

60 months interest free!

No monthly payments!

No deposit!

These are all the conveniences bragged about by the big electrical/furniture companies, practically begging you to come on in and lend your credit selves to them, for an indefinite period of time.

I’m surprised there isn’t a business out there promising a gazillion months interest free, no payments or deposit EVER, but all they’ll do is take your first grandchild from you when it arrives, kind of Rumpelstiltskin style.

Despite my tendency to try and avoid credit, loans, or having to promise my first grandchild to anyone, this whole ‘no interest’ deal business is popping up everywhere. And it is so appropriately ideal for us right now, as every time I hear the words “interest free!” blast out of the TV, I turn to Hubbie and go “we need to go there for baby girl’s bed!”

See, buying a house is expensive business. Everything is costly, and money talks. Knowing that we get a slight reprieve by not having to pay upfront for lets say, our kitchen appliances and a big kid bed for baby girl… it provides ample relief.

I strongly advise against borrowing money or taking out loans just so you can ‘have it all.’ I think you need to watch carefully how much you earn, versus how much you spend, and adjust accordingly. You can fall into the credit trap very easily, and it’s not a fun place to be. But I’ve been in the spot, where I’ve been NOT been having it all, when it comes to our kitchen… and gosh damn it, if I need to make monthly repayments for the next 4 years to get that freaking 900mm oven, well I’ll bloody go and do it.

Compromise. As long as you get that term, ‘compromise.’ We’ll be paying off our kitchen for a little while… month by month… That’s commitment of a whole different kind.

But I don’t care. When it’s worth it, for the dream you’ve held for 7 years… it’s bloody well worth it alright.

And there’s no interest, remember? 🙂