#2354 Winter sun

Just as Winter is a time to wind-down and chill more, so too will I take that message on board and apply it to my gratitude writing.

Going back to basics, for a little while anyway.

Simple. Easy. Chilled.

Today was a lovely Winter’s day. Finally. We started the season in a flurry of intense cold weather, and it’s slowly, very slowly, eased to a point where sure, it’s still cold…

But, the sun.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Ahh, the sun. Today the sun shone, and it reminded me that seemingly dark days have beauty in them too. 🙏

#2262 Full Moon Eve

It’s not the official March Full Moon, otherwise known as the ‘Worm Moon’ this month, but it didn’t stop me and baby girl pointing our devices up at the sky tonight.

The official time is tomorrow evening here in AEDT time, and you know, I just figured…

Why do I need to appreciate her beauty tomorrow? Who knows where we will be?

Right here, right now. I bow to her. 🙏🌕

#1921 Take me to the river

We walked alongside the Ovens River today.

Where we are staying gives us views of this well-known Bright attraction, and we’re only a very short walk from accessing this rugged and natural terrain that leads us alongside the river, high above the water.

But then, a track… going DOWN.

Hubbie worked out that there were makeshift steps, and they were actually pretty reliable. So down we all went.

And the water was perfect. Cool, rushing by, gliding easily over stones and pebbles that were embedded into the ground underneath.

It was a man-made attempt at a makeshift path, leading to a piece of pure and unbridled slice of nature.

So, so beautiful. 😍😍

#1899 Hope in another backyard

I’ve had a pretty crazy day.

Two appointments on the other side of town, visiting my parents and sister and fam in between that, and then a big writers meet-up at the end of the night back home.

It’s been a lot.

It’s been a day of a lot of things. Hope. New directions. New people. New plans.

I’m a glass half-full gal, and things are starting to feel right. That glass is filling up again.

With HOPE. 🤞

I’m going on, rambling a bit, I know. I just don’t really know where to rest my creative mind, to release these thoughts from, what to centre on when much has given me happiness today.

But I will talk about nature, because it inspires me.

Specifically, my parents and my sister’s backyard.

I used to love spending time in the backyard of my childhood home. All those memories, all those fun times, so much joy within those trees and the shady spots. I was amazed and surprised then, when I found myself loving my parents’ NEW backyard, finding beauty in little pockets of grass, verdant greenery full and lush underneath your feet, life brimming and blooming from the smallest spring of herb, to a wide-reaching leaf of a fern.

That beauty extends equally to my sister’s backyard.

I was admiring this gorgeous tree, sprouting golden Autumn leaves. We were in her backyard sitting and talking, and so many times I was accidentally witness to a yellow leaf floating easily to the ground.

Before my very eyes.

It was a magical sight.

And I realised later when I headed off, how I find beauty in both of their backyards, and how that must mean something more… for those we love, we find the beauty inherent everywhere, all around them, because they are love.

We are doing renovations at the moment… small ones, yet they will hopefully be long, beautiful and lasting.

(On us, or our backyard do you think????)

One day I hope, someone will look at our yard and see the beauty lying in wait, wanting to be found.

I hope we find it there too. 💖💖🌳🌳

#1726 Day 228 of getting there: behind the clouds

Have you ever wondered what’s behind the clouds?

Or rather, what’s above it?

They can be heavy. Dark. Ominous even.

But there’s a magical, surreal, mysterious quality to them.

You can see clouds. They sit above us almost every day, moving about while we also go about with our lives.

Have you ever flied through a cloud while on a plane? It’s the most beautiful thing. These little pillows of fluff just jazz on by, pushed aside by the plane’s force, yet still remaining an element of the ethereal.

We aren’t so fortunate, especially in recent times, to be able to experience these fleeting and magical moments of cushions flying past us, as we sit in a man-made machine, high above the rest of the world.

So we look above.

Some of us, don’t even look.

I for one, don’t find them oppressive. Sure, they block the light at times…

But I feel like the beauty of clouds are made that much more striking, by the stunning colours and transparent light that shines from inside, looking out.

Without the darkness, there can be no beauty.

#1677 Day 179 of getting there: the aura in the sunset

I know I’ve taught my mini-me well, when she comes running in the house after jumping on the trampoline, yelling “Mama, you have to take a photo of the sunset.”

I slowly went to look out the window… then I too yelled “Quick baby girl, upstairs!”

She was 100% right. Look at those beautiful colours. It’s like the sky has an aura.

Of course if has an aura. One of infinite beauty and possibility. 💖🌅

#1655 Day 157 of getting there: The right quote to get there

I came across a really touching quote today, one that I feel is relevant to me, but to all of us.

Because it’s about struggle. Struggling with something, anything, in your life. And because of what is happening in the world, we can all relate to things not going the way we planned.

This quote is for everyone.

Why do I love quotes so much? Hmm, maybe something about words… words, and how the correct and select number of them can piece together something truly beautiful, to lift you, inspire you and help you.

“There is no royal road to anything. One thing at a time, all things in succession. That which grows fast, withers as rapidly. That which grows slowly, endures.” – Unknown.

I find it timely that I often come upon saying that touch my soul, right when I need them.

How’s about that?

And, just because, here’s a selection of photos from today that brought me joy…

And reminded me that it takes time, to grow such great beauty. Some forms over a day… some over a season. Some even longer.

But, it grows.

#1607 Day 109 of getting there: footpath rainbows and sunshine’s rays

It’s chalk time again guys.

Though it’s not so clear because I didn’t go over it repeatedly, take a look at my sudden inspired thought when I took chalk to footpath with baby girl this afternoon.

It reads: “No rain, no rainbows.”

It’s become one of my favourite quotes of late. It’s so relevant, and can be transferred to anything and anyone. Also, it’s highly appropriate for what we are going through worldwide, but for me and my fellow Victorians, it feels quite personal.

Now we have the rain. When we pass this, we’ll have rainbows. 🌈

And if you don’t believe me, look at this:

Look at that sun bursting through the clouds, shining that bright glare onto the waters below.

Just look at that beauty. 😍🌅

#1582 Day 84 of getting there: Soon we’ll be found

It was Sunday night dinner-time, we were doing our usual youtube merry-go-round, and it was my time to pick a song.

I was over the same old, same old. We played the same songs repeatedly.

Hubbie would play The Weeknd, or the freaking Roses song. Oh if you haven’t heard it, look up Roses by SAINt JHN remix.

I ain’t putting it on here. I hear it too much already. It’s a great song, but you know when someone repeats something so much, they absolutely kill it for you?

That’s what Hubbie does.

The other song he had only rediscovered this morning was Don’t Let Me Down by Chainsmokers and Daya. It’s only a few years old, but he had forgotten about it, only to remember it all over again and play it again, repeatedly throughout the day. And again, check out the song on youtube… but this song gets bloody stuck in your head to the point that you’re like ARGH! Get it out!

Baby girl sways strongly between the two of us. She will put on a song Hubbie loves, or I love… or she’ll go and put on Dance Monkey which she was obsessed with ’til recently, or some Frozen music medley, which can sometimes go on for 20 minutes, so we force a cap of 4-5 minutes.

Me on the other hand, well you all know I am massively into music royalty at the moment, i.e. Queen. And I punctuate that currently with Madonna and Prince. But like I said, we’ve been listening to the same old, for too long, and I wanted my turn to be something different, something we hadn’t heard in a while.

Something slow. I was in a heartfelt song mood.

It then hit me.

“What’s that SIA song?” I asked Hubbie, the biggest SIA fan I know. “Where she sings “I’m tired, can we just sleep tonight…?”

He continued the song, catching the words before he said confidently “Soon we’ll be found” and started clicking away on youtube.

He brought up a 2008 performance on Letterman. Yes, David Letterman. I was stunned that a year before we had gotten married, this Aussie chick was heading over to the U.S and making her big American debut.

You go girl.

“Let’s not fight, I’m tired can’t we just sleep, tonight…”

It’s a great performance. She sings it better than she does the recorded version, and watching her hands perform is as mesmerising as listening to her voice.

She is uncovered, so this is truly back in the day. No hair to hide behind, no short blonde do that covers her eyes and nose just so. She is characteristic SIA, which is one of the reasons why we love her, and she is giddy with happiness when she finishes her performance, jumping up and down in joy which can only be interpreted as “I did it! I performed on Letterman!”

It is so wonderful to watch.

The performance begins after 1:10. The song is moving and takes you on a journey, and it fit my mood perfectly tonight.

My favourite line? “Let’s not fight, I’m tired can’t we just sleep, tonight?”

So beautiful. Enjoy, as we all did.