#2367 Family day

I try to do one of these days every school holiday season, and so it was today. I timed a visit to my parents/sisters house when I had to be on that side of town, so that it all aligned perfectly.

Then we spent the rest of the day having a great time.

Sis and I laughed as we watched baby girl and her cousin testing out my Dad’s new bed, all the special new massage features on it, and totally agreeing that a normal bed just wasn’t gonna cut it anymore, as they laughed and giggled about.

We had a beautiful lunch courtesy of Mum, and I have to say the homeland Sarma really agreed with me. Sarma is basically cabbage rolls stuffed with meat, and when you haven’t had something so agreeable in a while, let’s just say you make the most of it, right? 😁

I had a lovely catch up with my parents, just talking about nothing in particular at all, but having one of those catch-ups where you feel all warm and fuzzy and happy afterwards, as if all is right in the world… even if sometimes, it feels like it isn’t.

And then sis surprised me when she presented me with a kind of scrapbook album that included the headband I wore for her wedding, when I was her flowergirl, a whole 28 years ago! We both can’t believe the flower headband is intact, and sure the flowers have gone brown, but they haven’t disintegrated! Incredible. It was such a super sweet token, so full of love, and I know I will cherish the wedding token as I will the memories, forever. 😍🥰

It was such a beautiful day, I already can’t wait for more. Knowing us, the day will probably come sooner rather than later. I already can’t wait. 😉💖

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