#130 Hot chocolate

Not the “I believe in miracles” kind… but the actual melted milk chocolate, hot chocolate type.

In glass half-full fashion, I will only state that I am under-the-weather. Under-the -weather consisting of sore and raspy throat, with the addition of incessant coughing and occasional runny nose. That under-the-weather.

I avoid coffee and caffeine where I can when I’m like this… where I can, meaning ‘if I have the willpower to.’ Fortunately for my tired and weak body my willpower was strong, but still, after I had decided that maybe a little trip to the shopping centre, to you know, venture out into the world and not spend my entire Sunday holed up and feeling sorry for myself, I decided that instead of my regular cap when we sat down to coffee… I would hot chocolate.

And it was impressive. What other place to have a hot chocolate at than an actual proper chocolate lounge, with actual melted chocolate inside your mug?

I was way too overwhelmed with life to think to take a photo of my mug, but trust me, it really looked something like this photo I found online:


With the melted chocolate hanging over the mug’s edge and all.

Sweet. Decadent. Rich. Milky. Ohhh, it was good. I actually uttered these words to Hubbie: “Now I know why you sometimes go for hot chocolate over coffee – when it’s this good!”

Much of today has been shit. Yes I can be grateful that I’m not worse off. Yes I can be grateful that baby girl is in really good spirits despite being sick herself. Yes I can be grateful that because she is sick, she is in a really comfort-seeking mood, and sweetly handing out hugs by the second.

But I’m grateful for that Theobrama chocolate. It was surprising. And by surprising I mean, Yum.


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