#2200 Ouch… ‘holidays’?

So, when I made chicken soup for Hubbie days ago, little did I know that I would be the one needing it today.

I came down with something today, and I’m pretty sure what the ‘something’ is… not covid, as I’m sure I’ve had this before. Nonetheless, it knocked me out and had me finishing work hours earlier, crying on the couch and lying on my bed.

Why crying? I’m an emotional person. Throw in sickness, which makes me more sad, and then when I get sympathy from people, which let’s face it you don’t get anymore as an adult… and I’m a complete sook. As children we’re babied and nursed to back to health by our parents, and when we grow up that just doesn’t happen anymore…

But we are simply big babies! We all need comfort, love and tender loving care. 💖

So when I hear some sweet words of ‘take care’ directed my way, I just 😭😭

AND, all of that coupled with the knowledge that I am actually starting my summer annual leave, like tonight, and I was more 😭😭

Why? I don’t wanna waste a DAY. We had to cancel plans for tomorrow night, and knowing that we are going to be ‘laying low’ (ugh) just makes me so sad.

Anyway. We move on. If I’m correct, this is a 24 hour thing, this ‘thing’ I have, and I should be better by tomorrow afternoon.

So I was doing this ‘down time’ I’m meant to do, sitting outside this afternoon, and observed this big succulent-like plant we have on our porch… It had like, barely a leaf or two when we got it, and when I say ‘got it,’ I mean Hubbie saw it growing in a restaurant car park and decided we too could have a plant like that. 😉

So this thing has grown from like two small leaves (illustrated perfectly by me below) to the huge plant that it is now! Just look at it!

And it’s also started growing these flowers in the last few weeks… the mind boggles! We didn’t even realise it was a flowering plant, but alas, the right conditions, and things can BLOOM.

See? Just two leaves, and give it the right light, love, food, and it produces beautiful flowers.

Let’s hope we get to bloom these holidays too. 🙏💖

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