#2211 Mills Beach Love no. 7

We headed down to our local beach today in the mid-afternoon. Just as we had secured a spot and started setting up our chairs and umbrella, I saw a familiar face heading towards me…

It was a fellow school Mum, baby girl’s friend’s Mum. After the expected surprise greeting – which shouldn’t be a surprise anymore since it is both our local and fave beach and when we take the girls out we ONLY go there – we had the following exchange.

Me: “Any jellyfish out there?”

Her: “No, not today.”

Do you see why I love it so? 😎🤗 Local vibes.

I don’t just love the fact that I’m a local, or that I bumped into a fellow local… it’s just the fact of living where I am.

I am truly comfortable where I am, and even after visiting other beaches both near and far in recent days, this one feels most like home. 💖😍🏖️🩴

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