#2370 Tears of laughter

I was chilling on the couch when baby girl brought me a couple of pictures.

One that she had drawn, and one that her Dad had drawn.

Hers was a park picture. It said “Candy land” on the bottom, with tree-like structures along a grassy landscape.

Hubbie’s picture… well it also had a grand tree in the middle. A small pond beside it. At the bottom of the picture, a… dog?

And then next to the dog, a HUGE mound of poo! With a smiley face, no less.

The laughter started slow. It was a few giggles, then I kept going over the details… the skrimpy looking dog from which nothing that big could come out… the phallic looking nose on the dog! The HUGE poo, and the poo smells emanating from it with squiggly lines.

Soon, I was roaring with laughter, and baby girl joined in. It was a really good laugh, and it kept gping. It wasn’t like ha ha ha, I’m done. It was ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, etc, etc etc. 😆😆 Honestly, I needed it.

A few minutes later baby girl was helping take some chocs and lollies back to the kitchen, since we’d just had a coffee break. She was juggling picking up a few containers, plus her mug, plus a chocolate no one had eaten, and it took her a few goes but she got it, literally balancing it all under her chin so it wouldn’t fall… but as she collected it there and started to walk, she let out a big, cackly laugh.

OMG. It did it again. I was throwing my head back in laughter. I kept thinking this girl is gonna drop the whole thing! You know when someone laughing sets you off, and then the thought of them doing something silly (i.e. dropping all their stuff) makes you laugh even more?

Well I was literally dying there on the couch, and baby girl came back, actually successful with her items having not dropped, collapsed on the couch next to me and proceeded to laugh her head off with me.

I HAD TEARS. I actually laughed so hard, when I stopped for breath I nearly actually sobbed from the laughter, it was such a cathartic release, oh my God.

Ahh. There’s nothing like a good laugh, and even better when it’s with a loved one. 💖💖

We kept setting each other off for the next little while, and we loved it. 😁😁😆😆

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